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Sidhu Moose Wala: Bio, Age, Wiki, Death, Career, Net Worth

  • June 12, 2023
  • 14 min read
Sidhu Moose Wala: Bio, Age, Wiki, Death, Career, Net Worth

Sidhu Moose Wala is a late Indian rapper, singer, and songwriter who was famous for his Punjabi songs. And also Another name is Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu & 5911. At the time of his death, it became a national talk, and let even Hollywood celebrities talk about the issue as he was shot dead by gangsters with a number of bullets back 29 May 2022 in Mansa. He was a party member of the Indian National Congress and was known for his ability to sing great music. From North to West, everybody likes the songs of Sidhu. Lawrence Bishnoi, who is a famous Indian gangster, did confirm back in 2022 that Goldie Brar killed the famous Punjabi singer.

This death of Sidhu left every celebrity in India in shock as everybody was thinking about his next albums, not about him leaving this world at a very young age. He did have some internal battles with gangsters and hence, they wanted to kill Sidhu. And the irony is that Goldie Brar did plan his killing outside India as he is a wanted gangster. After his death, young people in Punjab woke up as they are not going in the wrong direction as much as they were before. This is the only positive one can look for from his death that it has given other kids a direction.

Death did make his family, fiancé, and other people so sad that they felt that a peaceful place in Punjab is not safe anymore. It even led Drake and other Hollywood celebrities to talk about him. Despite Sidhu is not in this world, here we are talking about him which would help you to know what kind of personality he was.

Sidhu Moose Wala Bio

Sidhu is a late Punjabi rapper, actor, singer, and songwriter. He was born on 29 May 2022 in Jawaharke, Mansa district, Punjab, India. As of 2023, Sidhu Mosse Wala Age is 29 years old and Nationality is Sidhu is Indian and his astrological sign is Libra. The western zodiac sign of Sidhu is Gemini.

He was shot dead at the age of 28 in Jawaharke, Mansa district, Punjab, India. He was a member of the Indian National Congress. In the eyes of many, he is called one of the best singers the Punjabi industry has ever seen. His death was so shocking that Indian and global celebrities went into the shock as he was killed by the gangsters, while he was in his car. They did throw over 100s of buttles and killed the famous singer. He was a Sikh, following the words of Guru Nanak Dev and other 9 gurus.

At the time of their death, he was considered one of the in-demand singers. The coming years would have seen him giving music in Bollywood movies also. Because the demand for good Punjabi singers does always stay in demand.

Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala Early Life

Sidhu was born and bred in the village of Moosa in Mansa district, Punjab. His roots come from a family of Jat Sikh. He was born to Balkaur Singh and his mother Charan Kaur. He was born into a middle-class Indian family where the family had farming as their way of living. While growing up, Sidhu loved to eat Rajmah Cahwal the most while growing up. Other than that, he always killed Gypsy cars, cricket, bullet bike, and Punjabi music the most. While growing up, he did like the music of Tupac Shakur. Sidhu lives a very simple life as a common person in Punjab lives. He had a passion for using new-age phones at a very young age. As did not come from a very rich family, Sidhu did not have everything he wanted but he was happy with the simple life he lived.   

Sidhu Moose Wala – Age, Height, Weight, Tattoo, and more

·  Sidhu Moose Wala’s height was 185 cm in meters- 1.85 m in feet inches- 6 feet and 1 inch.

·  He was not a gym freak at all. Most of the time, Sidhu did carry his weight around 85 kg in pounds- 187 lbs

·  His eye color was Black.

·  Sidhu’s hair color was Black.

·  The body measurements of Sidhu were 44-32-14 inches.

·  Despite being a celebrity, he never did any cosmetic surgery.

However, he was famous for his tattoos, and some of the tattoos we are talking about.

1. On his right shoulder arm there was a combination of 6 tattoos. It did have ‘Dasam Granth Quote’.

2. There was a skin tattoo on his right forearm.

3. On his right forearm, Sidhu did make an ‘AK47’ tattoo.

4. His right forearm did see a ‘Skull Tattoo’.

5. There was a logo tattoo on his forearm on the right-hand side.

6. There was another tattoo on his right arm, just about the logo tattoo.

These were the six famous tattoos Sidhu Moose Wala had on his body.

Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala Professional Career

·  Sidhu Moose Wala started his professional journey as a singer in Canada. His song “G Wagon” did hit the minds of many people and made Sidhu an overnight sensation.

·  After the hit of their first music, in 2017, he came up with another song named “So High”. It did see Sidhu make a collaboration with Byg Byrd. It did see him winning the award for Best Lyricist at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards. 2017 did see him coming up with songs like Issa Jatt, Tochan, Selfmade, Famous, and Warning Shots.

·  The year 2018 did see him becoming that huge star and start performing at concerts. In 2018, Issa Jatt’s song did see him win the Best New Age Sensation award. It was given to him by PTC Punjabi Music Awards. In 2018, Sidhu did write a song Doller. It was for a Punjabi movie named Dakuaan Da Munda. After just 60 days, he did come up with PBX1. It became a very famous music album. It did see the album taking high spots on Canadian Albums Chart in the pop music section.

·  In the same year, 2018, Sidhu did come up with a song named Just Listen. He did decide this song to his haters and this song did fume the local gang war that the famous singer left the world in 2022.

·  In Dec 2018, his mother did win the Sarpanch Election and he did help in the campaign. She did win the election and became the Sarpanch of Moosa.

·  PBX 1 did lead him to win Best Album Award. The event was the Brit Asia TV Music Awards. The famous Indian T-Series banner did release this music album. The same award show did let him win the Track of the Year award for the music named Legend. Not just that, Sidhu did win the award for the Best International Male Act and Best Lyricist awards.

·  The year 2019 did see him coming up with songs like Sidhu’s Anthem, Mafia Style, Poison, Sohne Lagde, and Homicide. It was his own record label. The same did see his Boot Cut song coming under the banner of Prem Dhillon. Surrey Music Festival did see his entry as a part of a concert in the same year. However, the show did not go ahead as there were some security problems. But in 2019 did his song 47 come on the list of Top 20 songs UK Singles Chart and Hot 40 singles chart of New Zealand? In the same year, a world-famous app for music Spotify called Sidhu Moose Wala was one of the leading Punjabi singers.

·  His song Punjab: My Motherland did come in Dec 2020. But the song did see a lot of hate as he did praise Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who is a Khalistani separatist. This song did have a speech by Bhindranwale that he gave back in 1980.

·  In May 2021, he came up with a known album named Moosetape. It did have 32 tracks. The same year did see him taking part in Wireless Festival in London. He was the first Indian to perform at the event. He did join Mist for the performance.

·  April 2021 did see him come up with a song named EP NO Name. The song did have AR Paisley, MR. Capone-E and Sunny Malton. The song did see being ranked in the 73rd position in Billboard Top Canadian Albums.

·  The singer was famous for having a cold war with Karan Aujha, who is a Punjabi singer. They did say a lot many things to each other with the help of concerts and social media platforms. The tussle between them started when Sidhu come up with a music video where he did target Aujla. The video was leaked by the Aujla team and did start the war between both. Aujla did make a threat to Sidhu. Lafaafe was the song that Karan did focus on Sidhu. Hence, he came up with a song named Warning Shots and it did target Karan. But Karana did say to the media that Lafaafe’s song did not have anything to do with Sidhu and he did even praise his rival for the work he is doing.

·  Until 2022, there were two cases against the famous Indian singer as he did show obscene scenes. His two videos made a boom on social media in 2020. In one video, she was learning AK-47. The other video did see him using a pistol. The AK-47 video did see police assisting them and hence, they were suspended by the Government of Punjab. On 19 May 2020, he did see two sections. It came under the section of the Arms Act. Even the Police tried to arrest him but he did leave the place after hearing this news.

·  Taking about his acting career, Sidhu made his debut in 2019 in a Punjabi movie named Teri Meri Jodhi. The year 2021 did see him coming up with two movies named Moosa Jatt and Yes I Am Student. 18 March 2022 did see his movie Jattan Da Munda Gaun Lagya Dogger getting released.

Sidhu Mosse Wala’s Politics carrier

He did start his political career on 3 Dec 2021. He did join Indian National Congress. At that time, CM Charanjit Singh Channi did welcome him to the party. But he did lose the MLA election to Vijay Singha as Aam Adami Party did win the elections in the state back in 2022. He did work hard in the election campaign and did promote himself door to door but Vijay Singha’s charm in the city was different. But he did continue the campaign after the deadline and it did see him getting a case registered under Section 188 of the Indian penal court. After losing the elections, he came up with a song named Scapegoat. It did picture his failure to win the election. But the APP party did say that in the music video, he named APP’s voters as traitors.

Sidhu Moose Wala’s Education

Sidhu was an educated person. He did get basic education from S. Chetan Singh Sarvhitkari Sr. Sec. Vidya Mandir, Mansa, Punjab. Here he did learn the English language. It is the reason Sidhu was fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi languages. He did to Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, and earned a degree in electrical engineering in 2016. At that time in 6th grade, he did start to listen to the music of Tupac Shakur. It did make him love hip-hop music and it was the start for Sidhu. After his Engineering degree, he moved to Brampton, Ontario, Canada as he joined Humber College (international student). Ontario then become the place where he started his professional career and became an overnight sensation.

Sidhu Moose Wala’s Family

Sidhu was born to their father Balkaur Singh and his mother Charan Kaur. His father is a farmer, while his mother worked as a Panchayat Sarpanch. He has a sibling and his name is Gurpreet Sidhu. He did spend his childhood with the family in Moosa, Punjab, India. They did speak the Punjabi language the most at the house. Sidhu did like to see WWE a lot while growing up and his mother did not like spending a lot of time in front of the television. But his childhood was all good and had family support right from the very beginning. He was very much connected to his family and extended family.

Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala Relationship

Sidhu Moose Wala did engage with Amandeep Kaur. It did make huge headlines back then. They would have married in late 2022. But Sidhu lost his life and it did break done Amandeep Kaur. It was a very hard time for Amandeep and her family.

Sidhu Moose Wala Death

·  Sidhu Moose Wala death on 29 May 2022 at Jawaharke village in Mansa, Punjab. At that time, he was going to meet his loved ones. He was going with two other people and then it did see his car flooded by 30 rounds in the car. As he did not take his bulletproof care on that day, it did allow the gangsters to get a chance to kill him.

It did see the other two of his friends getting injured. After this, he taken to CIVIL Hospital in Mansa. But it was too late till then and he declared dead. It became national news and was a hot topic for months to come. This murder’s responsibility taken by Goldy Brar. It did hit social media. Lawrence Bishnoi, who is a gangster behind bars in New Delhi, is a close friend of Goldy, and he is alias Satinder Singh.

Punjab Module gang did lead this shooting. The 38th anniversary of Operation Blue Star did see the APP party taking out the security of 424. And Sidhu was one of them. It did see him having two commandos. And on the day of his death, he did not take them along. He did not bullet-proof car but that day he did not take it. He did go with his two private guards.

·  On 30 May 2020, the news boom that Sidhu’s death is related to Vickey Middukhera’s killing. He was close to Vikramjit. The news came that there was a battle going on between the singer and Vickey. In Aug 2021, Vickey lost his life as he shot in Mohali. It did see Sidhu’s father making an FIR where his father did say that gangsters are giving warnings to Sidhu. Even Mika Singh did confirm his statement.

Sidhu Moose Wala

·  It did see the CM of Punjab Bhagwant Mann ordering to look at his case from the deep and see bullets from AN-94, which is a Russian assault rifle, and a pistol collected from the killing spot. It did see the Congress party blaming the APP government behind the death of the singer. It did see Anil Kumar said:

“The AAP government is responsible for the daylight murder of Sidhu Moosewala. Arvind Kejriwal should answer why Moosewala’s security cover was withdrawn although his life was under threat and it was known to intelligence agencies in Punjab.”

·  Not many know but the singer considered Channi Banka. It was because his guru in the music industry was Channi and he did help him out in the music industry.

·  Famous singer Drake did wear a T-shirt where it did have a picture of Sidhu on 28 July 2022. It was at a concert in Toronto.

·  His song after death Mera Na came on 7 April 2023. It did see the song get 7 million views in just 8 hours.

Sidhu Mosse Wala Socila Media

Sidhu moose wala has 13.5 million followers on Instagram and 20.8 million youtube subscribers. He was a very famous singer all over the world.

Sidhu Moose Wala Net Worth

At the time of his death, Sidhu Moose Wala net worth of around USD 14 million, which comes out to around Rs 114 crores, including his expensive cars, his properties in Punjab, and his income from brand deals and YouTube royalties, according to media reports.

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