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Roxy Horner: Bio, Age, Height, Family And More

  • January 17, 2024
  • 4 min read
Roxy Horner: Bio, Age, Height, Family And More

The alluring British model Roxy Horner renowned for her stunning beauty and compelling presence. In the fashion sector, her brilliant smile and enticing charm have made her a fascinating personality.

Who Is Roxy Horner?

British actress and model Roxy has gained notoriety for her work in fashion. In 1991 20th of June, She was born in Essex, London, UK. Roxy Horner age is 30 years old. She exudes skill, has a compelling personality, and looks amazing. She works with well-known businesses and featured in numerous magazines. Roxy’s versatility further demonstrated by her acting roles in TV series and films.

Roxy Horner

Roxy Horner Physical Appearance

Roxy Horner height is around 5’8″ tall and weighs about 55 kg. Everyone’s views captured by Roxy’s brilliance and charm. Her charm increased because of her white ancestry and British nationality. People adore her!

Roxy Horner Professional Carrier

Roxy Horner has had a fantastic career filled with success and notoriety. She is a well-known social media user and model from Britain. She has a lovely attitude and gorgeous appearance, which is why a lot of people adore her. Roxy has collaborated with high-end fashion labels such as Face Gym, Boux Avenue, and Superdry. She has appeared on the covers of renowned publications including Maxim and Vogue. In addition to her acting career, Roxy has been in other TV series and films showcasing her various talents. She well-liked and entertaining to see on screen.

Roxy Horner’s Family

Roxy genuinely cherishes her relationships and family. Her mother, Lisa Rae Horner, runs Music For Pilates and teaches Pilates, and her father, PJ Hawn, is a well-known singer and music producer. Josie Horner and Rina Horner, Roxy’s two sisters, are very close to her. They all share a unique connection.

Actor Jack Whitehall is currently Roxy boyfriend, and the two are enjoying each other’s company. Given Roxy’s attention to her work and intimate relationships, there has been no word of a marriage or children to date. With her devoted family and encouraging boyfriend, she feels fulfilled and content. He takes pleasure in having her loved ones close by.

Roxy Horner’s Partner And Dating Life

Roxy Horner dating who? Roxy’s Instagram profile states that she now sees “Jack Whitehall.” Allow me to introduce you to Jack, a renowned actor from England. The couple originally met while visiting Australia, according to insiders.

Roxy Horner

They began dating shortly after that. Sources say that Roxy and Jack Whitehall spent a lot of time with each other at Jack’s house in Notting Hill, London, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before dating, Roxy amazingly dated actor “Jake Bugg” for more than 2 years. Her name has also connected to several other well-known actors, such as Taio Cruz, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Joey Essex. As of June 2021, Roxy and her partner Jack Whitehall are living their dream happy lives.

Roxy Horner’s Pregnancy News

Beautiful British model Roxy and her partner Jack Whitehall thrilled to share that they are expecting a child! After Roxy’s baby died, they devastated, but now they are incredibly grateful that everything is going well. When they learned of the pregnancy while in Australia, Roxy overjoyed to inform her mother and younger sister. She believes that the special present came from her grandmother in heaven. Jack was ecstatic to hear of Roxy’s pregnancy and even requested the pregnancy test. They both shed happy tears. In addition to looking stunning in her pregnancy pictures, Roxy is eager to become a mother and meet her new little friend.

Because Roxy is petite, she has been hiding her pregnancy by dressing loosely. Although Jack renowned for keeping his romantic relationships quiet, he has been a tremendous help to Roxy, particularly with her diabetes. He’s hilarious, upbeat, and supportive all the time. Jack has been by Roxy’s side through thick and thin. He offers her tons of love and support and accompanies her to the doctor.

Unknown Interesting Facts

  • Roxy Horner added her roles as an actress, singer, television anchor, and entrepreneur, all of which highlighted her adaptability and wide range of talents.
  • By telling her diagnosis of autoimmune disorders, Roxy made her struggles and fortitude in the phase of medical getaways.
  • Roxy loves amazing time with her loved dog and has a soft area for animals in common.
  • This reveals her caring heart and affection for animals beyond her public image as a model and influencer.


Roxy Horner is a popular personality who became famous due to her appearances and work in the fashion industry. She is a globally popular personality who has done multiple award-winning works. Although she added her roles as a singer, actress, TV anchor, and entrepreneur. By sharing her diagnosis of autoimmune disorder among media, Roxy made her struggles and ways to overcome that trauma in medical cases.

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