Marina Sodi: Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Wiki

Marina Sodi

Marina Sodi is not one of the famous names of the Norvind family. However, she is a top name in Mexico as there is hardly one away from acting in her family. It has helped her to become a top name in the world of acting. Hence, she has over 23.6k followers on Instagram, where … Read more

Naian Gonzalez Norvind: Bio, Age, Model, Actress

Naian Gonzalez Norvind

Naian Gonzalez Norvind is a bright name in the world movies. She comes from a family where most do become actors and music. Hence, she already had the base to shine. However, Naian needed a push to become a top name in this challenging industry. Therefore, she does have a great backing of consistency. It … Read more

Chiara Scelsi: Bio, Age, Fashion Model, Boyfriend

Chiara Scelsi

Chiara Scelsi is an aspiring name in the world of modelling. At a very young age, the Italian model has done a great job to make her name around the world. Working with some top fashion brands as a model is indeed not a huge thing for her. Hence, she has created a great base … Read more

Mariana Davalos: Bio, Wiki, Age, Model, Life

Mariana Davalos

Mariana Davalos is indeed a huge name in the world of modelling. The American model, of Colombian descent, has done a great job in terms of making her modelling career look solid. Hence, she has managed to create a very big impact. Mariana does look so beautiful that it can captivate several souls around the … Read more

Bling Bling Boy: Johnny Test Bio

Bling Bling Boy

Eugene Hamilton, the alias Bling Bling Boy, appears as a reoccurring enemy in Johnny Test. He has a one-sided crush on Susan Test and is Johnny Test’s and Dukey’s true/archenemy.Lee Tockar provided his voice. Bling Bling Boy: Biography Eugene Hamilton, often known as “Bling-Bling Boy,” is Johnny and Dukey’s (sometimes friendly) adversary (because of his … Read more

Taylor Wilde: Bio, Age, Wrestler, Oliver Mitchell Wife

Taylor Wilde

Taylor Wilde is indeed a name in the world of professional wrestling. Taylor came from the very bottom of the sport and now has made a decent name at the highest level. It shows that how things go when takes care of his or her career in a better manner. Taylor has the looks of … Read more

Jimena Sanchez: Bio, Age, Model, Partner

Jimena Sanchez

A famous name in the world of modelling, Jimena Sanchez is indeed a famous name in the game. She started with just a modelling journey – but now she is a famous television host and sports journalist in Mexico. It took her time to understand the field very well. However, now she has made a … Read more

Camila Sodi: Bio, Age, Height, Husband

Camila Sodi

Camila Sodi is a well-known Mexican singer, actress and model. She is more famous in the United States than in Mexico. It shows that she has done a great job in making her name in the best nation in terms of bringing the package of fame. Camila has what it takes to be the crème … Read more

Altair Jarabo: Bio, Model, Frederic Garcia Wife

Altair Jarabo

Altair Jarabo, a well-known name in the world of modelling, has indeed broken every wall when it comes to making a mark in style. The Mexican model and actress have indeed made her mark at the highest level in style. Hence, there are millions of followers following her around the world. The way she has … Read more

Ximena Cordoba: Bio, Age, Model, Husband

Ximena Cordoba

Ximena Cordoba is a well-known Colombian model and actress. The Colombian modelling legend is indeed a dream of several people around the world. Hence, she has millions of people following her religiously. Indeed, Ximena’s looks do a great job. The very reason allows Ximena to be cut above the rest in a way. It takes … Read more