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Enjoying Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

  • April 11, 2024
  • 3 min read
Enjoying Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

Finding an e-liquid substitute that provides the same sensation as traditional cigarettes with the most authentic tobacco flavour is the best method to switch from smoking to vaping for many people. There are almost 7,000 flavours including tobacco, cherry, coconut, berry blast, fresh apple, and sweet tarts. The best e-liquids, in the opinion of some experts, are those that taste like tobacco, although there are many different flavours of vape juice available. To help you discover your new favourite tobacco vape juice, we will look at some tobacco e-liquid flavours in this guide.

What Are E-Liquids

What does the term “e-liquid” mean exactly? Water, nicotine, flavouring, and a base of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are the main constituents that make up e-liquid or vape juice. Pulse, respiration, and other vital indicators are all increased by nicotine. Nicotine causes satisfaction through boosting dopamine levels.

Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

Unlike conventional cigarettes, which would leave a lingering smell on your clothes and furniture, ePuffer tobacco flavour e liquid or any other popular vape juice is inhaled in the form of vapour rather than smoke. Because you are not burning tobacco or the thousands of other toxic compounds included in an analogue cigarette, tobacco-flavoured e-juices also provide a far cleaner scent and taste. In addition to your standard tobacco blends, there are flavours like sweet tobacco, cigar tobacco, spicy tobacco, and menthol tobacco.

Some Examples of Tobacco Flavour E-Liquids

Whatever type of e-liquid you select, it is important to purchase it from a reliable retailer. Here are some popular tobacco flavour vape juice options.

  • Club Juice Nic Salt E-Liquid (Virginia Tobacco): The Club Juice Nic Salt E-Liquid line offers a variety of premium flavours in nic salt form to deliver a greater nicotine dose with a smoother draw. In comparison to other tobacco e-liquid, the Virginia tobacco flavour offers a smokier taste and a more authentic experience.
  • Mob Saltz E-Liquid – John Gotti (Golden Tobacco): This nic salt flavour of Mob Saltz John Gotti gives a rich and earthy golden tobacco flavour. To provide a sensation more like smoking than freebase e-liquid, this vape juice imitates the organic salts present in tobacco leaves.
  • Black Note Forte: This tobacco e-liquid is strong and intensely flavourful. This fantastic Black Note e-liquid is made with naturally extracted tobacco (NET), much like the rest of the line.
  • IVG 50/50 Silver Tobacco: This e-liquid offers a robust tobacco flavour with notes of honey for a sweeter draw. It is perfectly suited for practically any vape kit including sub-ohm mods and mouth-to-lung pod kits, thanks to the balanced PG/VG ratio. This vape juice can satisfy the majority of vapers’ nicotine needs because it comes in four different strengths.
  • Twelve Monkeys Origins Short Fill – Patas Pipe: You can use Twelve Monkeys Origins for a smoother vape. It offers a robust tobacco flavour with nuances of chocolate and vanilla. Due to their ability to absorb thicker e-liquid and create larger vapour clouds, sub-ohm coils are ideally suited for use with vape juice that has a high VG percentage.


A wide variety of tobacco vape juices are offered by popular vape retailers. They may be earthy, nutty, fragrant, or have a hint of caramel. For smokers who want to switch to vaping, tobacco-flavoured e-liquids are an excellent choice. They may be earthy, nutty, fragrant, or have a hint of caramel.

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