Ximena Cordoba: Bio, Age, Model, Husband

Ximena Cordoba is a well-known Colombian model and actress. The Colombian modeling legend is a dream of several people worldwide. Hence, she has millions of people following her religiously. Indeed, Ximena’s looks do a great job. The very reason allows Ximena to be cut above the rest in a way. It takes years for models to reach the initial level of Ximena.

In a way, it makes her just out of this world. Great looks and humble appearance just show a different light of Ximena. It shows that she has a very colorful personality. Hence, let us know more about Ximena.  

She is famous for hosting TNT Movie Club on TNT and Despierta America on Univision. Many do call her one of the best and most famous models coming from Medellín, Colombia. Hence, many girls in Medellín aim to be like her. She did her education at the University of Miami. This is the reason she is fluent in English and Spanish. Even her children Samuel Córdoba Londoño is very famous and a significant credit behind this goes to Ximena and the art she has to keep on moving ahead in a better manner.

Ximena Cordoba Bio

Ximena Cordoba was born on 4 November 1979 in Medellin, Colombia. Scorpio is her zodiac sign, while Colombian is her nationality. However, she does not see these astrological signs. A part of Latin roots, Ximena does follow the Christian religion. She seems to be a very religious lady. Hence, one can see her paying regular visits to Church. Carlos Rojas is the ex-husband of Ximena. Carlos Rojas is famous for being an American sinologist named Carlos Rojas. He is known for his work on Chinese culture. He is famous for doing education and Cornell University and Columbia University. Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University is something that has made the ex-husband of Ximena very famous. Despite being that great, many do call him the ex-husband of Ximena. It does show how famous things can be when a person like Ximena has played a role in making an impact.

Her series Francisco el Matemático is very famous, where she did play the role of a project lead. And it has been one of her best works ever. She made her film debut in 2014 for the money named Mr. Insatiable. It was a short film where she played the role of the character Stacey.

Ximena Cordoba

Ximena Cordoba Age

For the model, Ximena’s age is just a number. As of 2023 Ximena Cordoba age is 43 years old, it feels that she is in her early 30s. This does tell a lot about how well she does take care of her body. Thanks to India, people know now the value of Yoga and with that effect, there are models like Ximena who are looking beautiful from the inner and outer world. She has done cosmetic surgeries – but that has become a normal thing in not just the west but around the world. But with the way she does control eating and all, it has made her fit and fine.

Ximena’s Early Life

Ximena was born and bred in Medellin, Colombia. Gloria María Londono is her mother. However, she has not shared the names of her father and siblings. However, she is very much connected with her family. Ximena did most of her schooling at Medellin. As her family was stable, she did live a very decent childhood. However, her passion was always modeling not being a top student academically. It shows that her vision was clear at a very young age. “My early life: Well this is the topic I can tell you a bit. For me, mother is something that can’t replace anything. Hence, I have great memories as she is my first teacher and it is she who has helped me to become what I am today.“She used to take me for walks and have that perfect time, which is the need of the hour for kids,” she said.

Ximena Cordoba’s Physical Status

She is indeed a very sound lady with amazing looks. Ximena height is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, Ximena does have a perfect height for a model. This is the reason why she takes care of her body very well; hence, she weighs around 57 kg mostly. Dark brown eyes, blonde hair, and white skin indeed take her looks to another level. Ximena’s body measurements are 36-28-38 inches. Her feet size is 8 (US). Just like several models, Ximena is captivated by their great looks cosmetically. She does also like to make tattoos. However, Ximena is not too obsessed with it. She does feel that it is crucial for a model to stay fit and promote fitness to the level that even if they are retired, they should not stay away from fitness in most cases. She has also done some cosmetic surgeries to look better.

Ximena Professional Carrier

Ximena is indeed a top model and actress. She is famous for hosting TNT Movie Club on TNT and Despierta America on Univision. A huge name in Latin America, Ximena has worked with several top modeling brands around the world. Being on the cover pages of top fashion magazines is not a huge thing for her. Since 2002, she has worked in several movies and series in the Spanish language.

Colombian model Ximena is indeed a top host, actress, and model. For several young girls, she is a great inspiration to follow. Not many can do what she has done as a model. She had a nation at the beginning. Only with hard work and dedication did she manage to reach the highest level. Ximena has worked in the movies like Mr. Insatiable, Tony Tango, Unimundo 45, Acrylic, Reboot Camp, and Hubie Halloween. She made her film debut in 2020. She did start to work in 2002. At that time the world was like a mountain for her which she managed to climb very well. She made her acting debut in a television role for the show named Protagonistas de novela. She did win the contest and since then, her career did take things forward manner.

Ximena Cordoba

Ximena’s Education

Ximena did get her basic education from Medellín, Colombia. She did get her basic education from there and did learn the basics of English languages. She did go to the University of Miami for higher studies – but for that, she did start to work at a very young and that did help her to fund her education career. Despite having the aim of becoming a model, Ximena did take education seriously and hence, she can speak fluent English as Spanish is her mother language.

The work has helped her to host shows and do other things too. “For us, education is very crucial as it does help to get a job. The very reason is something that makes Colombia as a nation work well and try to come out of the shadows of a poor culture where people do only think that we have just looks and not the brains that can lead the world,” she said.

Ximena’s Family

Ximena has not talked much about her parental side except for her mother Gloria María Londoño. She feels only Gloria has something that she can talk about. It does show her devotion to her mother. However, the world knows that she had Carlos Rojas as her husband from 2005 to 2017. Her boy Samuel Córdoba Londoño is also very well known.

She married Carlos who is a very educated man and is famous for being one of the best people from the west to know the history of Asia in a manner most Asians do not know, mostly about China. “For me, the family has always been something which is close to my heart and mostly my son Samuel as he gives passion for keep on working to earn money that can make his future even better. It does tell a lot about Ximena and the relationship she shares with her son Samuel,” she said.   

Ximena Cordoba Siblings

Ximena does have any siblings. Hence, she has not talked about it. She does have cousins but not Ximena. This is why she feels that her mother is her only sibling. Hence, it does tell a lot about how alone she grew up with her mother but she had friends that did help her to become who she is; a fearless lady.

Ximena Cordoba Mother

Gloria María Londoño is the mother of Ximena Cordoba. It does tell how fortunate things can be when the blessings of the mother are. Hence, it does help Gloria to feel proud of having fame her daughter makes her happy. Ximena has helped Gloria to live better and have the money to spend to the level she does not look to come back. She does have a great relationship with her grandson named Samuel Córdoba Londoño. They do have a relationship that the world can take as an inspiration.

“My mother is life for me. The way she worked so I can become something. Whatever I pay, it would not be enough as what she did can be seen as a major reason to see the good life of Ximena in future,” she said.

It does tell the relationship Gloria María Londoño and Ximena Cordoba do share in life. It does look pure.

Ximena Cordoba Father

Ximena Cordoba does have a father – but she does not like to talk much about him. The biggest reason can be that her father would have left her mother at the time she needed it the most. This is what tells a lot about how things are different between the father and mother of Ximena. Hence, she does not share any information about this with us.

“I do not want to talk much about it,” she said.

Ximena’s Love Life with Carlos Rojas

Ximena must have dated several hunks as she is just too good-looking. Ximena husband name is Carlos Rojas who won her heart. They married in 2005.  However, they did invite only close friends and family members. The pair is blessed to have a boy named Samuel Córdoba London. It looked as if they were meant for each other. Unfortunately, things did turn tenebrous in 2017. It led them to part ways. Now both are happy in their new way.

“It was a very hard take but we had to take it for the good of both. Otherwise, I do not see things going very well between us. I can say it has worked very well for both,” she said.

She does look happy long after parting ways with Carlos Rojas. This is why it does make one feel how things are now for the model and how she is living without a husband in her life.

Ximena Cordoba

Ximena Cordoba On Social Media

Ximena impact on social media is very huge. She has a great following on Instagram and Twitter. One can see Ximena sharing several golden moments of her life on Instagram. 

Ximena Cordoba over 2 million followers on Instagram do tell a lot about her fame. She is famous for hosting a show named Cuéntamelo Ya. One can contact her at ximenacordobaassistant@gmail.com for business-related queries and she has shared the information on her Instagram handle. From featuring in magazines to sharing her latest images, it does help Ximena to make things work in a better manner and show the art of following she has. There one can see her love for western dresses too. But she does not share luxury bags collection of her on Instagram. It does tell a lot about Ximena.

It does tell how the world of social media does help models to keep on getting the work done in a better manner.  

Ximena Cordoba Net Worth

Ximena Cordoba net worth is estimated at around USD 2.1 million. It shows that she is a rich and sound professional model, television host, and actress. She is a very rich lady who is another example of saluting independent women. She has a collection of 75 luxury bags. Her beloved car brand is Mercedes. She was not rich from birth; hence, the money of her birth is a lot. It does tell a lot about Ximena and the life she lived to become who she is.

Ximena does do a lot of charity. At the time of the first COVID wave, she did help 15 families to get the basic stuff at their place. She has a collection of 15 gold girls – but all of it is white gold. She does use the money to invest in herself and help others also. It is what tells a lot about Ximena and the impact she has made.


Who is Ximena Cordoba?

Ximena Cordoba is a famous Colombian model, actress, and social media star.

Q What is the net worth of Ximena Cordoba?

The net worth of Ximena Cordoba is estimated at around USD 2.1 million.

Q Is Ximena Cordoba married?

Ximena Cordoba was married to Carlos Rojas from 2005 to 2017.

Q Does Ximena Cordoba have kinds?

Ximena Cordoba does have a boy named Samuel Córdoba Londoño, whose father is his ex-husband Carlos Rojas.

Q When was Ximena Cordoba born?

Ximena Cordoba was born on 4 November 1979 in Medellín, Colombia. She is 43 years old.

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