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With every tap, type, and swipe we do, Neuro-ID raises new funding to fight fraud.

  • November 25, 2022
  • 3 min read
With every tap, type, and swipe we do, Neuro-ID raises new funding to fight fraud.

A $35 million Series B financing round has been won by Neuro-ID, a digital business analytics platform that records real-time client behaviour at scale. As a result, they are better able to understand the purpose of their digital customers and pinpoint the main source of consumer friction. An investment of $49.5 million has been made in the business since its creation in 2014 overall. It was announced that new funding had been obtained after a $7 million Series A fundraising effort was completed in December 2020. The Series A was co-led by Canapi Ventures, Fin VC, and TTV Capital, who had previously led the round as existing investors. Neuroid Series Ventureshalltechcrunch.

CEO Jack Alton stated via email that the valuation of Neuro-ID is based on “strong customer traction,” but declined to disclose it. In addition, he stated that “Neuro-ID is on track to grow its customer base and revenue by three to four times in 2021.” This comes after a significant year of growth for us in which we also saw a three- to four-fold increase in clients, a four-fold increase in revenue, and a 500% increase in monitored customer journeys. Neuroid Ventureshalltechcrunch.

Intuit, Square, Affirm, OppFi, and Elephant Insurance are just a few of the business’s clients. These firms use Neuro-ID’s in-house developed Human Analytics software to turn all swipes and taps of user behaviour into useful insights. Neuroid 35m Series Ventureshalltechcrunch.

Additionally, customers can use behavioural analytics to view behavioural data and use it to enhance their use of the AI/ML models that are already in place. Customers have reportedly been able to increase conversion rates by an average of 200% and decrease prior fraud rates by 35%, according to the startup .

With the additional funds, Alton intends to expand worldwide, hire more engineering professionals, and quicken product-led growth. He said that over the preceding year, the company’s 60-person workforce had almost tripled.
In order to determine user intent and experience data, Neuro-ID is a one-stop shop, claims Walker Forehand, a partner at Canapi Ventures. It differentiates itself from competitors by being able to analyse first-time customers as opposed to others who just pay attention to recurring customer encounters, he added. 35m Series Canapi Ventureshalltechcrunch.

Only 10% of customers who start a digital journey actually finish it, according to Forehand. Because of this, banks and fintech companies place a high value on enabling streamlined client journeys. Similar to conventional models, Neuro-ID makes use of additional methods to determine whether a customer is genuine or a fraud. Similar to modern models, conventional models rely on physical characteristics for verification, such as address and birthdate.

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Forehand states that “this new picture of customer behaviour at scale opens up the possibility to improve conversion to quickly convert loyal customers, become more adept at discerning intent, and enhance the design quality of their digital goods, all while decreasing fraud” in order to increase revenue. The most interesting aspect is that IDs, or neurotechnology, are not just used by banks and fintechs but can be applied to any sector that makes a lot of automated and digital decisions.

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