Tips to Prepare for PSC Exams

Government jobs are considered prestigious, and every year, lakhs of people appear for various government exams in India. The job security and salary inspire the youth to prepare for various State PSC and bank exams.

Many states conduct PSC exams for several posts, which include Kerala PSC exams, Rajasthan Public Service Commission exams, UPPSC   exams conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission etc. A comprehensive list of important state PSC exams is given below. 

  • Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC)
  • Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC)
  • Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)
  • Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC)
  • Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)
  • Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC)
  • Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC)
  • West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC)
  • Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC)

Aspirants who are preparing for various PSC exams can go through the aforementioned list and apply for the exams if they fulfil the eligibility criteria and requirements prescribed by the respective State Public Service Commissions.

How to prepare for PSC exams?

PSC exams are highly competitive in nature, and generally, there is an age limit for these exams. Therefore, aspirants should prepare well for PSC exams and try their best to pass the exam on the first attempt. The preparation strategy for PSC exams includes the following.

  1. Go through the syllabus

Most of the time, candidates are well-aware of the exam pattern but ignore the exam syllabus. It is important to go through the exam syllabus before starting PSC preparation. A beginner should go through the syllabus carefully and make a study plan accordingly. 

  1. Analyse the previous years’ question papers

After going through the exam syllabus, candidates should analyse the past years’ question papers. Candidates can access old question papers from the official website of the State Public Service Commission. Nowadays, past question papers for various PSC exams are easily available on the websites of various PSC coaching institutes. 

  1. Make a timetable or study plan

After going through the syllabus and past papers, candidates should make a study plan and set deadlines for themselves. If candidates do not set deadlines, they may not be able to complete studying or revising for the examination. Hence, aspirants should fix short term and long term targets for themselves and strive very hard to achieve these goals.

  1. Use limited resources

Studying from numerous study materials and textbooks might be time-consuming, and candidates may not be able to revise from all resources before the exam. Therefore, it is important to choose the right and relevant textbooks and study materials for PSC preparation. 

  1. Prepare short notes

Candidates should try to make short notes for subjects that are vast and contain factual information. It may be difficult to revise all the subjects in a short period of time before the exam; therefore, candidates should make short notes on important topics.

  1. Revise multiple times

There is no substitute for revision. Many times, candidates are unable to crack the exam because they do not spend enough time revising the content they have studied. Hence, candidates should revise the textbooks and study materials at least 3-5 times before the exam.

  1. Write mock tests

Candidates who are preparing for PSC exams should write mock tests in an exam-like atmosphere. Mock tests will help a candidate identify the areas on which they need to focus more. Along with mock tests, candidates must also solve previous years’ question papers. 

  1. Improve your speed

Speed plays a vital role when it comes to cracking competitive exams. In the preliminary round of various PSC exams, it is important to solve the most number of questions, that too in a limited time. Candidates should improve their reading and writing speed for English papers. For maths and logical reasoning, candidates should work on their calculation speed. 

PSC aspirants should carefully go through the official notification published by the Commission before applying for the PSC exam. For example, if candidates are preparing for the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission exam, then before applying for the exam, they should go through the UPPSC exam eligibility criteria, age limit and other requirements and then fill out the online application form for the exam. 

Candidates preparing for the PSC examination should put in a lot of effort and remain consistent in their studies. They should take every attempt seriously and strive hard to get through the exam on the very first attempt. Even if aspirants are unable to clear the PSC exam on the first attempt, they should learn from their mistakes, work on their weaknesses and work harder to qualify for the examination.