Tinkerbell Costume: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Magical

Tinkerbell Costume: Introduction

You don’t need to look for a source of fairy dust if you need to make a Tinkerbell costume for Halloween, a play or musical performance, a Peter Pan costume party, or another fun event. Surprisingly, making your own Tinkerbell costume or purchasing a ready-made outfit is simple. You can capture the enchanting magic of this popular Disney fairy in either case. The basic Tinkerbell costume consists of a few key components, all of which are relatively simple to create if you get creative. Have fun designing your ideal fairy costume and letting your imagination run wild. The green dress is the focal point of any Tinkerbell costume.

It should be strapless (or sleeveless for little girls), short, and have an uneven hem in the shape of a leaf. You can achieve this look by purchasing a short green dress and using scissors to cut an uneven, triangular hem. If you can’t find a green dress in the size, style, or colour you want, you can make one from scratch. Simply choose any dress pattern from your local craft store and a green fabric that meets the pattern envelope’s criteria and is similar to the colour of Tinkerbell’s gown.

Tinkerbell Costume: Looks

An alternative to making an entire dress would be to make a simple Tinkerbell tutu and pair it with a green tube top or tank top. With the following materials, you can easily make your own fairy-inspired tutu:Two yards yellow tulle, two yards green tulle, one inch wide white elastic, green satin ribbon, silk flowers, scissors, hand sewing needle, thread, and hot glue gun, Cut the tulle into six-inch-wide strips that are about two and a half times the length of the tutu.

Tinkerbell Costume

Cut the elastic to fit comfortably around the waist and securely hand-sew the ends together. Begin tying the tulle onto the elastic in an alternating yellow and green pattern. Continue until the elastic is completely covered and the tutu is as full as you like.Tie the green ribbon into a bow and sew it around the waist of the tutu.As desired, hot glue the flowers on.

Notes To Have

Without a magic wand, no fairy costume is complete. Tinkerbell’s wand is traditionally a white or green stick, but it can be made even more magical by dipping it in glitter. Purchase a length of dowel and spray paint it white or green to make your own. Drop the wand in a large bag with loose gold glitter before it dries. Allow it to dry completely before beginning to work your magic. Don’t forget to complete your Tinkerbell costume with a pair of green flats and plenty of flowers. Arrange the wings however you want and secure them with duct tape.Tape the safety pins securely near the point where the wings meet.

These pins will be used to secure the wings to the dress.Cover the duct tape with silk flowers using hot glue. The most important addition to your Tinkerbell costume, however, is the famous fairy’s fiery personality. With that and the right costume, you’ll have perfectly captured the look.

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