TikTok replaces Discover Tab with Friends Tab, For Welcoming New Users

TikTok has played a new card for making their already-well-running app better as they are making a huge buzz with their new Friends tab. The very feature has replaced the Discover option. It will help a user to connect with his or her friends quickly. On the one hand, it is connecting friends on the app. On the other hand, one does not need to wait for a long to time to find friends on this popular app. TikTok friends feature is doing a better job than discover tab malik (helping) brand to become creative in this TechCrunch market, where one has to always come with new ideas.

Cindy Corpis, the CEO at Search People Free, pointed out that TikTok may be a great place to making friends online by using its various features. Now the discover page of TikTok is gone, many people find it bit different as they were connected with it. However, they are happy to see the changes.

Despite getting banned from India, due to some political reasons, TikTok had made a great name, profiles and impact around the world.

Where is the discover page on TikTok is now an old talk as they have made a creative impact with friends tab. After coming up with feature, the communications team of TikTok said that they are always look to make the community and app work as a unit. Hence, they do feel that this feature is allowing to make an impact in a creative manner. This is indeed what makes TikTok special in many eyes. The main aim of the brand is to connect different people for making an impact. In their eyes, they see it as a mega change for creating a platform that can help many people to shine and create a legacy to love, admire and follow. This feature will allow them see watch their friends and see what they are doing in their day-to-day life.

TikTok new update has seen a great progress and people are feeling happy with the effect of this. TikTok discover did a great job and the brand feels that this feature is bringing something new to the brand that was missing beforehand. Now the TikTok discover page is gone, many do find it bit different as they were connected with it. However, they are equally happy with the arrival of new feature. Social media consultant Matt Navarra was first to use this feature. After seeing great result, they did make it public for making a great impact. It is indeed the best part they see for making the app friendly to help people grow, earn and become something different and special in their lives. This is indeed they see as a key change.

With this feature, friends on TikTok can connect with each other in the very best way. It does make them help more users to join and become the part of this social media application that has seen a great rise in the last five years. TikTok discover tab has gone – but the new arrival is looking way better than the previous one as the users are making more videos which does show the growth in a creative manner.  TikTok has become of the best and most known social media brand that has overpowered many other platforms.

TikTok is now hoping to see more of new features coming for making sure that the app is growing at the rate that one has never seen before.

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