The best cricket professionals: who are they?

Many bettors closely follow the game of the stars, enjoying it, and also using the acquired knowledge about the manner of behavior on the field of the athlete to improve their results during bets. Cricket is no exception in this respect. Players can bet on any outcome during a match, including the individual performance of a particular player on the field. In each match, the name of the most important player of the meeting is determined, as well as the best bowler, which can be bet on thanks to an acquaintance with the careers of key cricketers of our time.

Imran Tahir

If we talk about the best spinners that can be seen on the field, then Imran Tahir is one of them. He plays for South Africa, so fans of the local championship have the opportunity to regularly bet on him. Born in Pakistan, Imran managed to check-in in the Pakistan U-19. At the beginning of his career, he made some of the most difficult shots in cricket. When betting live odds for cricket will be maximum, which is worth taking advantage of. Players can view the available broadcasts, as well as choose an outcome from a wide variety of options. For this reason, even a beginner can get real profit from bets.

Initially, Imran Tahir tried to gain a foothold in the Pakistani national team, but after an unsuccessful selection for him, the young man decided to go to South Africa. Tahir managed to get a wife in South Africa, and also has a residence permit in the country he stands for. At the moment, he has 20 test matches to his credit. Imran has shown his effectiveness in 85 one-day matches, for a total of 250 wickets. Due to his performance, he is ranked ninth in South Africa among players playing in one-day matches.

Jonathan Trott

The Cape Town-born cricketer has successfully defended the honor of his national team, playing in the U-15 and U-19 championships. Subsequently, Jonathan signed a contract with an English club and has already managed to get a British passport. Today he plays in the counties cup, which is very popular in Britain. Jonathan represents a team from Yorkshire, which has a very good record in the championship. Subsequently, the player managed to prove himself in the international arena. Cricket hosts several major international tournaments:

  • Cricket Cup;
  • Cricket World Cup.

The career results of the cricketer are impressive. He managed to play in 52 test matches and also show himself in 68 one-day meetings. For England alone, he scored 6,500 runs in international championships. Jonathan is the winner of the Ashes, repeating his success three times in this tournament. Even after the end of his cricket career, the athlete remains popular with fans and remains a media person. For more updates, visit:

Luc Ronchi

The player has an interesting career, as he managed to play for two countries in international tournaments. He played for Australia and New Zealand, being a New Zealander by birth. Young Luc Ronchi decided to go to Australia and continue his career in this country at the start of his career. After returning home, the athlete managed to take a place on the national team. He showed a high performance, making his team well prepared for the next Cricket World Cup final in 2015.

Andrew Symonds

Andrew is originally from Birmingham but has played for Australian teams for most of his professional career. His debut in Queensland allowed him to shine on the cricket Olympus. A few years later he was again invited to England, but the young man remained faithful to the Australian club, for which he played 198 one-day matches.