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Redefining Women’s Leadership with Data Science Training

  • November 27, 2023
  • 5 min read
Redefining Women’s Leadership with Data Science Training

The rise of gender diversity and inclusivity for having workplace equity shows women’s role in data leadership. Data science is an asset for firms from diverse domains growing across Bangalore. The city has become commonplace for businesses – Startups to MNCs. Yet, digital shifts in the city leave the age-old practice of having a male-dominated workforce. Instead, it adopts a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, welcoming women working experts. Thus, women opt for upskilling from the best data science training institute in Bangalore to restart their stagnant careers. 

Seeing the surge in demand for data science experts, the current job market has become inclusive. The organization extends an invitation to professionals from diverse fields, irrespective of their gender, race, or ethnicity Due to social values and norms, women stay behind closed doors, limiting their career growth and success. As per reports by BCG, only 15% – 22% of data science job roles are occupied by women. Yet, the fast-paced rise in data science job roles shows skill gaps due to a lack of diversity. Anyway, some women data scientists outsmart the male dominance in the field with their proven expertise. Likewise, women pros eager to redefine their careers in the data field must enroll in data science classes in Bangalore

Top Performing Women Data Scientists Marking Ground-breaking Success 

Data science is thriving here and there, with infinite scope for career growth. Working pros facing stagnancy feel upskilling is a wise option to redefine their careers. Similarly, female professionals have established lucrative careers in the thriving data science industry.

Some famous women data scientists ruling the industry are – 

  1. Amarjeet Kaur 

Amarjeet is famous for her astounding data science career in the past few years. She works as a business scientist at JIO under the Digital Healthcare department. Her accuracy and skills with trending data science projects make her stand out in the crowd. Her excellence in image processing, text analysis, latent semantic analysis, and data tools (collection, analysis, research, and project management) speaks volumes. Furthermore, her approach to redefining data science and AI careers as a senior data scientist is worth watching.

  1. Sudha Devi 

Sudha Devi is one of the inspiring data scientists in India and currently working as a senior data scientist at Deloitte. Her proven skills in data science tools, programming languages, Hadoop, big data analytics, and AI models bring career transition. Her belief in continuous upskilling to sustain in the data field has enriched her career with infinite success. She advises other female employees to remove career redundancies in their domains to mark success. 

  1. Mathanga Sri 

Mathanga is famous for exciting career shifts in the data science field after pursuing her MBA. She works as a chief data officer at Yubi justifying her financial knowledge with data science skills. Besides proven numerical skills, her expertise in experimentation and AI algorithms craft real-time career success. Her passion for reshaping careers with certain data-driven skills helped her take the first step toward success.

  1. Usha Rengaraju 

Usha is famous for her notable ability with data science tools and trends. She bagged the title of being one of the top ten female data scientists in India in 2020. Successful projects in cyber security, AI, and data science trends helped her restart a career with assured success. Her basic knowledge in finance, business analytics, and economics crafted her career path covering data science and AI job roles. Her advocacy to support women in data science shows empowering data leadership. 

  1. Dr. Geetha Manjunath 

Dr. Geetha is widely famous for her tech startup, NIRAMAI. As founder, CEO, and CTO, Geetha used her data skills and expertise in detecting breast cancer at the primary stage. Her in-depth link with research projects with AI tools in early cancer diagnosis and cure makes her successful. Her extended expertise with thermal imaging systems in healthcare (breast cancer detection) saved many lives. She believes female experts can restart data science careers with proven success. Upskilling with the data science classes in Bangalore can make it successful. 

In short, gender diversity in Data Science is vital and firms cannot ignore it. Soon, employers across Startups and MNCs have started realizing the benefits of advanced data tools. A collaborative work culture is vital to establish in the firms to face the changing digital landscape. Also, female working experts facing hardships in their careers can opt for data science with premium training.

End Notes

Data science is an image-conscious field that welcomes only skilled data experts. Working pros eager to kick-start their careers in data science must upscale their skill sets. Women experts facing work-life issues can redefine their careers with assured success and thrive in the digital era. Upskilling from the best data science training institute in Bangalore turns their dreams into reality. 

Enrolling in Masters in Computer Science: Data Science and AI program removes career redundancies with 100% job support. Women experts with this program can dream of building a global career in data science. Learning the latest data science and AI trends uplifts success scope with better job offers from 60+ Western countries. 

Plus, adding a globally accredited master’s degree followed by dual certification from IBM & Microsoft enriches career quality. Women experts eager to redefine their careers in any domain can start their journey today and register for this master’s program. 

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