Red Coffin Nails: Ideas, Styling, Aesthetic, Looks

Red Coffin Nails: Introduction

The colour red is perceived as the symbol of strong, fierce and bold personality traits of a person. Also, it is quite noticeable and chic. The colour is also considered holy in many countries. The best element about the colour is how it makes you stand out in a room full of people. The red is very eye catching and bright, thus is known to leave a noticeable impression. When it comes to nails, these parts cover hardly 1% of our bodies, but as the colour red is applied on the nails, they become striking to one’s eyes.

The coffin nails are a particular branch of nails which is distinguished based on shapes.  The nails can be shaped into various types depending on the edges, the sharpness, the curves etc. the coffin nails stand out as they strike the perfect balance between edging and rounding of the nails. The coffin shape is achieved by filing the edges of the nails enough to make them look slanting and then filing the top of the nail to make it look flat. These nails highly resemble a coffin and thus are named so. The coffin nails are neither to sharp , nor too blunt; thus, these are perfect to be worn everyday and even to different events.

Red Coffin Nails: Creative Look

The red coffin nails together are sort of a glamorous combination. The nails are perfectly shaped for every occasion may it be casual get- togethers or formal events. The nails are striking enough to seek attention. They not necessarily would match all the outfits, but they make use of the contrasting nature. For instance, red contrasts well with every colour- pink, green, yellow, brown, black, white , etc. the red nails thus don’t cause the problem of compatibility with outfits.

Red Coffin Nails

The red coffin nails can be designed in endless number of ways. The first and the most basic is a classic coat of red nail paint applied diligently on the nails and then topped with a gel top coat. These nails look crisp, elite and chic.

The other basic way of wearing a red coffin nail, is adding the French tips on the base. This makes the nails look a little more formal and subtle.


Another basic design is to use stencils to create certain objects on the nails with colours that compliment the nail like white or black. These objects could be outlines of flowers, pots or general patterns with blobs, asymmetrical strips etc.

Other nail designs include occasion based designed like valentine themed. Valentines day is celebrated world wide, and this is the season of love which is very well associated with red colour. red nails with hearts. Initials and encrypted messages are so popularly worn in this season.

A similar case could be Halloween, it is also celebrated throughout the world. This occasion embarks costumes and parties. The nails and makeup form a huge part of the costumes. Thus, different spooky objects like danger signs, skulls, spiders, spider nets, scars all of these are designed on the nail.

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