Pregnant Meme: Ideas, Fame, Looks, Creative

Pregnant Meme: Introduction

Pregnant memes on the internet and meme forums or subreddits get many upvotes, likes an comments most of the time and they are handsdown one of the funniest meme templates or meme topics out there. There are many pregnant meme templates on the internet like – pregnancy test meme, pregnant man emoji meme and other fictional characters turning pregnant which always cracks people up and makes them laugh out loud. Most of these memes can be found on twitter, reddit and memeworld website. They are Exploitable memes, which means that these memes can be made on different characters and depends on the user on which person he wants to make the meme on.


Pregnant memes are very funny and have always made people laugh, especially when the character in the meme is a man and has a bloated stomach. Different people started using photoshop to edit different characters and make them pregnant to use them in their various memes. When apple’s new ios version had an emoji of a pregnant man, people did not even notice, but they began to notice after one person pointed it out and made a meme on this topic. Since then, everyone knows about this emoji and makes fun of it, the memes on this are still being made and it is never ending. Some pregnancy memes have valuable information about pregnancy in them, so those memes not only make us laugh, but increase our knowledge and awareness about child birth.

Pregnant Meme


  • A picture of a fat chimp laying in the forest with the caption : get pregnant they said, you will glow they said.
  • A picture of a woman drinking wine while being pregnant and thinking it won’t hurt the baby. 24 years later : Man killed another person for not believing earth is flat.
  • The pregnant man apple emoji is not actually pregnant, he ate too much fried chicken.
  • New born baby: Hello mother, you won’t sleep for 5 years now that I am here. Okay?
  • When the doctor could not deliver the baby of her because she ate an apple before coming to the hospital.
  • Seven year old me putting a pillow under my shirt : the next thing I knew,I became pregnant.
  • After you get pregnant : Hormones – I am the captain now, look at me.

The doctor saying the baby is beautiful in the ultrasound but I see seven pixels on the screen

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