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One Sided Love: Touch

Love is the feeling that cannot easily be explained but can only be felt and related to. At the same time, love can be of different types. It can be romantic, platonic, parental or adjacent to it and sometimes, it can also be mistaken for obsession. However, one thing that we must all be sure about is that love is something that makes us feel good, that is meant to make us and others happy, and it is something someone should look forward to.

One Sided Love: Info

Though love is a feeling a lot of us either enjoy feeling or look forward to, a lot of people get into situations of one sided love. One side love or unrequited love is when a person feels romantically towards another person but the way they feel for that person is not something that is reciprocated to them. This often puts that person in a difficult, complicated situation, especially if they feel deeply and are unable to confess for any reason, be it differences in religion, caste, race or just something simple.

It is famously said and always believed that a guy and a girl cannot remain friends. While catching romantic feelings for a close friend, be it opposite gender or same gender, is not something unheard of, the fact that a guy and a girl cannot remain friends is not a fact, but rather a myth. However, in cases where one person does catch feelings for their friend, it does become a little complicated. In situations like these, confessing might be difficult as the person may be afraid that the other person will not be feeling the same way, or that their friendship might be affected.

People often think of other emotions, like crush or obsession as love. But, this is rather unhealthy. As we already said before, love is something that is meant to make someone feel good and happy. So it is very important to make sure that one person’s feelings for someone must not affect the other person in a negative way.

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Ways on how to handle one sided love 

True love is something that, above everything else, is unconditional. Whether the love is reciprocated or not, a person who truly loves another person will always respect that person.

  • It is important to recognise one’s feelings. If you are realising that the way you are feeling for someone might be more than just friends, it is important to recognise those feelings.
  • Setting boundaries in any relationship is important, including the relationship you have with yourself and with a close friend. A lot of times, our infatuation over someone may cloud our judgement, making us say or do things we might regret later on. This also applies to people who were once together but not anymore. One must never resort to stalking or harassing the other person in any way. Rather, make time for yourself, keep yourself busy and try out some new activities, like blogging, painting or even cooking.
  • Sometimes, communicating your feelings to the other person might be a good way to deal with any mental unrest. But the one thing that you must always communicate along with it is, despite how the other person feels, you do not wish for your friendship or anything to be tainted. In case any rejection comes your way, accept in with an open mind. Rejections are not always a bad thing, and it usually means that something even better is waiting for you.

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