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Looking Out for Signs Your Brand May Be Lagging Behind

  • November 29, 2023
  • 3 min read
Looking Out for Signs Your Brand May Be Lagging Behind

In business, you might feel as though it’s important to always be seen as being on the cutting edge of what’s on the market. This isn’t always possible, of course, but giving the appearance that you know the way that the tides are turning can make you seem like a source of wisdom on the topic. When done right, this can mean that your customers consider you at the top of your industry.

This often requires the resources you would expect, but the money to acquire the right tools and the established audience. This might be a tall order for where you are right now, but it’s also important to examine whether or not you’re lagging behind.

Your Website/App is Dated

A consistent trend here will be a lack of updates, and if your website or app looks as though it hasn’t gone through any refinements or as if it’s outdated, that might turn away customers before they even see what you’re actually offering. The visuals are important, which might mean overhauling your website or getting a better idea of what kind of trends and visuals are popular in a modern context. However, it might also be more functional than that – offering varieties of ways to pay, for example, or making appropriate use of an API gateway so that the functionality of your app is smooth and easy, not requiring users to bounce back and forth between multiple pages.

Your Social Feeds Are Irregular

Offering consistent opportunities for audience engagement is one of the reasons why social media marketing can be so effective. If a new prospective audience member discovers your brand and then goes to your social media channels to get a better sense of what you do – finding that you haven’t updated your feeds in some time might lead them to believe that you’re inactive on some level, not knowing whether the information that is there is outdated or not.

This can be problematic, but you might find it difficult to correct if you don’t have anyone hired in-house who is specifically there to maintain your social media pages. In that case, you might find that splitting the job between other people who work with you can help keep these pages active without overbearing your staff with work.

Your Presence in the Discussion

This might seem as though it’s not something that you can directly influence, but factors like your social media presence can let you have your say. If you find that you’re no longer as prominent a presence in the discussions of your industry, that could be a big problem. Brand awareness is vital for this very reason, and while it’s not enough for people to just be aware of your brand, that is how you can go about making an impression that will keep you in the discourse. However, staying with the curve and keeping yourself relevant might mean that you have more to offer a modern audience.

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