Levidia: Hub of Watching Hollywood Movies or Series

Like if a person likes to watch a movie for free that has all Hollywood content, then many of them go to Levidia. It not only gives them the latest content from movies, and web series to TV shows, but also old or retro content. And it is free to watch all the content. This is where the concept of right or wrong comes in, so it is better to know things in deep and what makes these kinds of websites good for one section and bad for another. And hence, we would tell every feature that this website holds so there would be no such huge problems.

What is Levidia?

Levidia is a website that is famous for providing all-in Hollywood content for free from the latest movies to series. Like it does not take even a day for them to post a new picture on the servers. They also have a huge collection of old movies, TV shows, and series. The latest movies are mostly located on their homepage. They allow the movies to be watched in HD format.

The best part for those who do not want to pay is that it is 100 percent free to watch a movie on this website without any login or providing a credit card or bank details. This is what shows why people drag in millions to watch content from every website. And mostly college students or those who want things for free, go into such websites. And the high sums of watching a movie at a multiplex to the cost of leaving, torrent websites always stay up and in demand for a certain section of people. 


Levidia Features

Simple UI

Levidia does have a very simple UI. Like they have Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, and Horror movies on the title bar. And rest latest movies are on the homepage. As these genes are one of the most famous, it help a lot of users to find what they are looking for with a click of a button. They have categories year-wise from 2017 onwards.  So the user interface of the website is good.

App and Website

Websites do not work well with mobile for many and they wish to have an app hence, having both is an advantage they have. It helps in covering all sections of viewers.

Fast in the latest content

This is fast in uploading the latest content and it does not take a lot for them to update a new movie or series on the website. And it does not take a lot for them to get the job. This keeps them active in the market well.


Despite they upload the latest content, the overall usage of the website is free. And hence, it brings many users to be in the webiste and send a lot of time there.

Levidia Pros

  • It has rich Hollywood content to be watched online.
  • They are fast in posting the latest Hollywood movies, TV shows, and series on their platform.
  • That works as a website and app.
  • Having HTTPS on the website is a bonus for makers.
  • That does make money from ads, so they do not charge any subscription money.
  • It is a free-to-use website.
  • It works all over the world until and unless the internet network provider has blocked the websites.
  • Most of the links that Levidia shares, do work.
  • The website mostly stays up and not down.

Levidia Cons

  • Levidia prompts torrent websites.
  • They do make Hollywood have a lot of losses as the numbers at the box office or OTT platforms go down.
  • The website makers do not take movies with a license.
  • It causes financial losses to movie producers.
  • The website makes people watch the content for free which does make it a torrent website.
  • Despite having an SSL certificate, it is still a third-party website.
  • Netflix and other OTT platforms do get lesser viewership and subscriptions due to these platforms.

Levidia’s Safety of Legal Issues

Levidia is a third-party website. There is no update on the leading virus in the system, but still, torrent websites are being banned by governments all over the world. Hence, feeling that they are 100 percent safe would be like nailing jelly to the wall. But a lot of users still use the website and they have not reported anything that is too worrying for new users.

However, the website is not legal because the content belongs to the makers and not the website. Hence, it is needed to understand that if the government tries to ban torrent websites, then they are not legal and the answer is as simple as that.


Levidia is an app that is free to watch movies and they do have many legal issues. Hence, we are not supporting or promoting them. This article has been written so the internet can be a safer place for all.


Levidia is a website that is free to stream Movies And TV Shows Free Online. So the option of download is not there. But the global rise in internet speed makes people not download movies much, but just stream them online. They are free and provide the latest Hollywood content, which is good. But that does not mean that they are 100 percent legal. They get strikes from legal officials and hence, URLs change from time to time. So it’s better to research before coming to a conclusion.

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