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Castlevania is an animated series. It’s genre revolves around dark fantasy and is A rated. It can also be recorded as action animation series. It is inspired from a Japanese video game named Konami. the first two seasons of the series adapt the 1989 entry from Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and then follow Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha Belnades the characters as they defend the nation of Wallachia from Dracula and his companions.

Lenore Castlevania: Ideas

Lenore castlevania’s Japanese name is Renoa. She is a vampire and is one of the major characters of the series, introduced in season 3 of castlevania, she joined the family. She is one of the four queens of Styria and also is a member of council of sisters. She has been serving as a diplomat there now. she was a merely a child when she had eye- witnessed murders and war.

She had lost her parents to murders. When she turned to a vampire she rose to the position she is at now. She used her administrative and seductive skills to do so. Her job is to maintain peace with the neighbouring countries. Being a vampire she possess all the supernatural skills of vampires like immortality and physical superiority over others. She although also has the ability to transform her body into a swarm of bats. This ability gives her the advantage of escaping attacks and displacing herself very quickly. She also can air mimic, which means turn her body to mist which helps her frequently to pass through various obstacles. 

Lenore Castlevania

Lenore Castlevania: Notes

In the series, she was vocalised by Jessica Brown Findlay in the english version though. 

She is a slender beautiful young woman. She has sort of a pale skin and red eyes. She also has red hair. Alike all other vampires she has pointed ears and sharp fangs. Her hair is wavy and loose generally, she also takes the side of her hair from both sides and then braids them at the back. She wears a silver ornament and a translucent veil attached to it. She is dressed in a dark blue attire which has teal embellishments on it. The dress also has a fluffy fur coat like structure on it. Her dress also has a bekt with a bat symbol on the buckle , which she pairs with silver studs and neck- piece.

Touch:Lenore Castlevania

She is very deceptive, as in she seems really kind and sweet but is very shrewd and prudentially calculative. She is manipulative too. She has very high self esteem and doesn’t accept any sort of disrespect, time and again she has proven the same. She is very determined for her work and does it with complete honesty and diligence. She firmly believes that everyone who does some sort of action has a desire behind it and that they all have personal motives behind it. She also believes that everyone should be rewarded or compensate fairly for their services. She has some compassion and love hidden in her deep but she is shown to be extremely manipulative and knows the perfect balance and tactics of manipulation that nobody can realise they are being manipulated. 

Art of Fashion

Lenore Castlevania is an anime lady with red hair and eyes. She does not have dimples but has very fair skin with white and pink touch. From crop dresses to full sleeves, one can see her in many avatars making an impact. She has very long hair. One can even see her in romantic avatars too.  Castlevania is a tall lady who loves to keep sharp and long nails. In winter, she is famous for wearing a white puffer jacket. It does captivate many people around her. Like a princess of this world, she feels when holding a glass of red wine in her hands.

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