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Kuvempu University Distance Education

  • January 30, 2024
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Kuvempu University Distance Education

Education is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Without education, we end up not knowing a lot of things, and once. We get proper education on different topics, our knowledge broadens. The reason why education is so important in today’s world is because. Apart from getting to know about what happened in the world in the past, what is happening in the world. At present and how it could shape the future, it is also an important aspect for helping people get jobs. While it is true that a lot of times. Educated people fail to get the job of their choice because of discrepancies in the job market. It is still important to educated up to a certain degree. If you choose Kuvempu University distance courses are available and this is helpful for educated people who fail to get a job.

Know About Kuvempu University

Kuvempu University is a public state university situated in Shankaraghattta, Bhadravathi taluk, Shivamogga, Karnataka, India. This university came into existence in the year 1987. Following the act of the Karnataka state legislature through. Amendment No. 28/1976 dated 29 January 1989 under the Karnataka State University Act 1976. 

The KuvempuUniversity known to offer undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses to students across a wide range of disciplines. Kuvempu brought into recognition by the University Grants Commission, abbreviated as the UGC, in the year 1994, and currently, the university serves as a member of the Association of Indian Universities, abbreviated as the AIU.

History of Kuvempu University

The Kuvempu University started to function on 29th June 1987 and it is the youngest among all the affiliating universities in the Karnataka State. The university named after Kuvempu, a famous Kannada writer, Jnanpith laureate, and doyen of Kannada literature. He was a native of Shivamogga district and vice-chancellor of the University of Mysore. Kuvempu hailed from the Malenadu region.

He enunciated the statement Vishwamanawasandesha’ — A word of advice on the doctrine of Universal Manhood. Remaining true to his word, the university adopted Kannada as the official language for administrative and official purposes. K. Chidananda Gowda, Kuvempu’s son-in-law, was the vice-chancellor of the university from 2001 to 2006. The current vice chancellor is Dr. B.P. Veerabhadrappa.

Course Offered by Kuvempu University

The Kuvempu University offers a wide variety of degree courses to students, both in the undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines:

  • The university has 59 postgraduate courses to offer in the departments of Arts, Science, Commerce, Education, and Law, and offers 45 postgraduate programs, four diploma programs, and one undergraduate program in all the above-mentioned faculties. The academic wedge that present on the main campus housed with the postgraduate department for the study of English, Political Science, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, MSW, Economics, Sociology, English Language Teaching, Journalism, and Mass Communication.
  • The department of Sanskrit moved out of the Jnana Sahyadri campus in Shankaraghatta village into the Sahyadri College in Shivamogga City, as there a shortage in the number of students. Despite a shortage of students, the Vice Chancellor of the university insisted on continuing to run the course as he was reluctant to discontinue an art course due to a lack of students. The university, however, does have a strict mandate to close a course if enough students do not pay for seats.
  • The university has a Library section for Library Science studies and an Information Studies department that teaches Computer Sciences, Mathematics, MCA, and Electronics. Pharmaceutical Chemistry has started on the premises of Government Junior College.
  • A post-graduate center opened at Kudur at it started from the academic year of 2007-2008, offering three courses: Master of Business Economics, Master of Business Administration, and MSc.

Kuvempu’s University Library

KuvempuUniversity equipped with a library that has a wide range of academic books on all subjects. Students allowed to borrow books for a given amount of time and also use the library for studying or working on assignments. A library card issued by the university administration during admission, and the student required to carry it with them when they are accessing the library. The library of Kuvempu equipped with over 70,000 books and 4,000 archived periodicals. The library also equipped with e-learning facilities.

Kuvempu University In National Service Scheme (NSS)

The NSS Section of Kuvempu University is part of the state of Karnataka. The NSS Wing has the responsibility of providing undergraduate students by organizing annual camps, national camps, and also socially useful programs. The NSS Section coordinates adult literacy campaigns and students participate in them actively. The Postgraduate section of the NSS Wing has postgraduate students from the campus. This wing is supervised by a coordinator from the faculty and their team.

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