Instagram Marketing Tips For The Travel Industry

Do you own a travel business? With Instagram ads reaching about 850 million people, Instagram could be the best place to market your business and services. The first thing we visualize when we think of vacations is the picturesqueness or the beauty of the landscape. Instagram is not just a social media, but also a mood board and picture diary. 

About 50% of users claim they are intrigued by brands when they see their posts on Instagram. So, what better than Instagram to advertise destinations, hotels, food, and breath-taking scenery and market your brand if you are in the travel industry instagram management services.

5 Instagram Marketing Tips

Let Your Instagram Account Be A Guide

As a travel brand, you want your audience to use your services. For example, if you offer tours to certain states, you want your audience to book their vacation with you. But how do you turn your audience into clients? Use your Instagram feed to educate the audience about destinations. 

Use pictures and videos to showcase the hotels, the food, markets, and scenery of a destination. The captions on the posts should be informative too. Let your account be their guide for the vacation they are planning. Your aim is to hook the audience to your informative and engaging feed. 

As a travel brand, your mission is to inspire your audience to pack their bags and embark on an adventure. Therefore, do not focus on selling your services. Instead, design your content so that your audience sees the value in the service you provide through your feed. For instance, if you offer sightseeing trips, post images of the different places that are to be covered in the tour CRM Services

Maintain a Well-Curated Feed

Instagram is a visual social media channel. Therefore, you must use your visual content optimally and post the best pictures on your feed. The photos must halt the audience on their track and compel them to appreciate its beauty. Post beautiful images; the concept should be inspiring and authentic and reflect your brand. Your pictures and videos will go a long way in getting potential customers. 

There is plenty of travel content on Instagram. So, how do you stand out? Your Instagram feed is your portfolio; follow a stylistic consistency in color palette and theme to create your unique brand identity. Anyone who sees your pictures must at once know that it is your content. 

To make your photos, Reels, and IGTV videos more enticing, focus your energy on curating well-edited pictures and videos. The concept of content is as important as the final product. To get the best results from your videos, edit them with a video editor. There are several video editors available in the market; choose one dedicated Instagram video editor to find appropriate templates to make your editing easier. Your content is your portfolio and your advertisement for your brand. So, your Instagram profile should look like a curated page of best photos that gives your brand a voice. Visit avple for free video sharing.

Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing can go a long way to build your brand awareness and spread the word about your products and services. Influencers already have a loyal fan base, and they also have the power to influence people’s choices. Therefore, partnering with influencers can better engage and build your business. 

You can promote hotels, tour packages, or even an experience like skydiving, trekking, or paragliding through influencers. This will give your brand exposure and help you connect with the right audience. Collaborating with influencers can be done through their accounts. You can even allow them to take over your account for a couple of days or even organize a live session with the influencers. 

However, it is essential not to run after the number of followers an influencer has before you decide to collaborate with him. Instead, it would help if you choose the right influencer. They must have some common niche or interest, and you must share some common followers too. 

Utilize All The Features Instagram Has To Offer

Your Instagram feed must scream consistency and symmetry; it is essential for your brand image. But that often takes away the authenticity or relatability from your content. Instagram Stories are a great way to connect with the audience personally. Here, you can show some snippets of the tours you offer or some adventure like skydiving, which will give a fresh perspective of what you offer. 

The photos you share on your feed limit your interaction with the audience. With IGTV, you can give your audience a virtual trip to the destinations and experiences. IGTV videos can be about an hour-long, and hence it is the perfect opportunity to connect better with the audience and promote your services. For example, you can share itinerary guides or travel tips, share live footage while trekking, or show videos on local markets and cuisine to attract your target audience. You can also get free Instagram followers for increasing the audience base.

Engage With Your Audience

As a travel brand, your aim is to convert your audience into potential customers through Instagram. The first step towards achieving that is by engaging with, making them a part of your marketing strategy. But for your target audience to find you, you need to use relevant hashtags so that the audience can discover your posts when they are looking for some particular destination or travel experience. 

To get more engagement, try and reply to the comments on your posts. These interactions will determine which followers get to see your posts according to Instagram algorithms. These interactions also let your customers see you as a person rather than a brand. 

Another way of interacting with the audience is by planning contests and giveaways. For instance, you can ask your followers to submit pictures from their favorite trip, and you will post the best picture on your feed. This will make your audience feel like a part of your page, and their photos will give your feed a new look. Of course, you must tag the follower who submitted the picture so that the arrangement works both ways. You can also ask your followers to tag your profile on relevant photographs, and you can repost the images you like on your feed. 

Wrapping Up

you can share itinerary guides orTo leverage the influencing potential of Instagram, remember that your brand will work if you inspire people to travel and show them a virtual dream of traveling through your content. Your content should not only be polished and organized, but it must be authentic too. 

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