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How does Cenforce help men fight ED?

  • March 24, 2022
  • 5 min read
How does Cenforce help men fight ED?

Cenforce is a medicine that gives men suffering from ED a way out of the disorder and to be able to get a hard erection. it is one of the generic medicines to give you a cure for up to 6hours with its highest potential dose of 200mg. 

Cenforce like all other medicines has a temporary curing ability for ED. it is a medicine that contains a generic ingredient Sildenafil inside of it that is the potential game-changer in being able to have men with a hard penis erection. 

Cenforce pills when you have to use them, you must take the confirmation from a doctor. this is in regards to getting two things straight. One is whether you can sustain a dose of Sildenafil. This is important because some men may have a general allergic tendency against this PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance. on the other hand, doctors also have to ponder about the dose that can suit a patient. Ideally, doctors will try to provide the patient with the lowest dose that they can suit easily without having side effects but also capable of achieving erectile hardness.  

What are the various doses for Cenforce?

Now that you have come to know about what Cenforce and for which purpose it is, it is important for you to have a look at some of the doses you can avail of under this brand name. 

The starting dose for Cenforce is 25mg. being a small dose it can help cure a minor or feeble case of ED. next up on the list you have the 50mg dose for Cenforce which is likely usual for a patient with a feeble ED case. 

The standard dose for the medicine is Cenforce 100. it contains 100mg of generic Sildenafil and is good for patients with a feeble to medium-term volatility of ED. next up you have the 120mg dose which is also used for likewise patients. 

For patients who have a severe form of ED, you have got the two higher doses that include the Cenforce 150 and the 200mg dose for Cenforce which is the maximum that you can get with a single pill of the medicine. 

How long can a Cenforce pill work based on the dosage?

So, after knowing the dose you have to think about how long can a certain dose for Cenforce last you. It will depend on the dose strength of Sildenafil in a pill. the higher the dose the more prolonged will be the effects. 

So with Cenforce 25 and Cenforce 50mg, you can get a 4 hour action time. with higher doses such as the 100mg dose and the 120mg dose for Cenforce, you are likely to get hard for around 4 to 5 hours. 

When you increase your dose further up such as the Cenforce 150mg or the Cenforce 200mg dose effects may last up to 6 hours of having the pill. 

What are some of the precautions for patients to maintain when using Cenforce on a daily dose?

You have to ensure to maintain some precaution measures since these are vitally important to avoid the side effects. the first thing is to let the doctors consult you and have them choose a perfect dose. this will disallow chances of an overdose and consequently, you do not have any threat of side effects. 

The other thing for you is to avoid having a few substances such as alcohol or grape juice. These are some of the substances that may provide you with an increase in the tendency of vigorous side effects. 

On other occasions, patients must ensure to inform about any other existing disorder. If you have ever used medicine like Cenforce before you should also inform the same to your doctors. 

Also, let the doctors know of your age since this medicine is ideal for recommendation to males within the 18 to 64-year category. 

Cenforce side effects

It is when you overdose or have generic Sildenafil in excess that you suffer from side effects. with side effects, there are two main varieties. One of them is the milder variant which will have its effects for a few days and then eventually subside as you get used to the pills. it is milder side effects. but some side effects can be severe and even continuing on each time after pill intake. 

Here are the side effects you need to know about-






Stomach cramps

Chest pain 

Fall of blood pressure

Lower libido


Hazy vision

Reduction in hearing capabilities

Pale face


Dry mouth

Contraindication providing agents with Cenforce use

You have known so far about the general addictive and other substances that seem to have contraindication-providing abilities. In this section, we are to find out about the medicinal substances that seem to have contraindication-providing effects. 

These will include-

Medicines that contain a nitrate derivative compound such as nitroglycerine, or isosorbide mono and dinitrate in them

Alpha-blocker type pills

Pills that help you to reduce blood pressure

Some oral contraceptives

What are some of the alternative brands apart from Cenforce?

Cenforce is a generic Sildenafil variant. In the market, you have several other brand names which can be possible substitutes for you. here are a few examples, Suhagra, Viagra, Caverta, Sildigra, Silditop, Fildena, etc. 

Where to buy Cenforce?

To buy Cenforce you can avail yourself either of online buying or offline buying from a medicine shop. Our recommendation is to check out offers from both the sales channel to find out the best deal. 

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