Hiroshi Nohara: Ideas, Bio, Look, Anime, Love

Hiroshi Nohara is the father of the world-famous cartoon character Shinchan. Hiroshi is also quite popular and people love his cool and calm attitude. He is always seen as a father figure to Shinhan and he also loves his father. Let us know more about him.


Hiroshi Nohara is a middle-class, happy, and hard-working employee of the  Kasukabe prefecture. This fictional character first appeared in the very first episode of the Shin Chan animated show. Hiroshi is also known as Harry, is a very hardworking employee and throughout the comedy cartoon show run, his character has changed relatively the same. He is always seen as a father to Shinchan who never shouts on him and never gets angry on him, rather he is shown to be soft-hearted and cries often due to the mischief created by Shinchan to which we laugh and feel relatable.


Hiroshi Nohara was born to Ginnosuke Nohara and Tsuru Nohara. He is a typical 35-year Japanese working manager at the low level at Futaba Shoji company and sometimes even overtime to earn that little money after Himawari was born to the family. When he was 29 years old, he met Misae and fell in love with her. They both married and Shinchan was born a year later. They both decided to have another child as he got promoted afterward, and they felt they could afford another child. Himawari was born 6 years after their marriage. Hiroshi is a completely selfless guy who loves his family and is very calm and innocent compared to his dominant wife Misae. He handed over the finances of the income and he, although being the head of the family, never feels shy to ask her money for little fun in the meantime.

Hiroshi Nohara


Hiroshi is a typical 35-year-old family guy, with half of his hair already gone and his looks resemble the hardworking father of the family. He has a little beard on his face and just like his father, he has a long face and a square cut to it. He is always seen in his cream-coloured suit which he wears mostly at the office with a variety of T-shirts whenever he is at home. There are many special episodes where his character goes further back, to his struggling days before the marriage and even his childhood with his father. He is always a calm and reasonable husband to his wife. He gets beaten by his wife in a very funny way as he looks around a beautiful woman passing him by, just when his head meets the fist of his wife.


The entire character of Hiroshi is designed to be the typical Japanese man who works harder and even over time just so that their family doesn’t have to suffer. Hiroshi used to smoke a lot before his marriage, but when his wife got pregnant, he stopped it, in order to make her feel relieved and safe with him. He is a very humble, selfless, and caring husband. He is very responsible and likes his children so much. Hiroshi is always seen with his family, chilling out and enjoying time with the children. There are many episodes in which the family of Nohara goes on vacation and he takes care of Himawari, the 2-year-old infant, and even changes her diapers whereas his wife Misae takes care of his son Shinchan, who with his mischief makes them run around him.


The popularity of Hiroshi Nohara is not matched with the level of Shinchan and Himawari. But he has a reasonable amount of respect from all who watch this cartoon show, as he is always humble and never shouted at his wife or shin chan. Even though Shinchan irritates by his mischief, his wife dominates him completely and he gets the responsibility of Himawari, but he never complains and just enjoys being with his family. He is adored and respected by many who watch this show. The crowd also associates him with the typical nature of fathers and their love for the family.

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