Healthy Diwali Sweets You Should Try

Diwali celebrations aren’t complete unless you indulge in traditional Indian sweets. Nothing beats rasgulla, cashew barfi, chocolates, and boxes of gulab jamuns for a celebration. However, you can eat sweets while following a healthy diet. There may be an opportunity to try some new treats, experiment with numerous healthy recipes, and make some dietary changes. We’ve compiled a list of ten healthy dessert recipes that you can enjoy with your family, friends, and guests without feeling guilty about the calories. In this post, we share healthy Diwali sweets you should try. Read on.

Gulkand Cupcake

Cupcakes are bite-sized bundles of sweet deliciousness and tiny treats that are impossible to resist. This recipe offers this famous delicacy a desi twist by incorporating rose petal preserves or Gulkand in a cupcake batter. The frosting is a basic milk and sugar mixture infused with rose water for that extra punch.

Coconut Milk Rice Pudding

It’s one of our favourite healthy desserts because it recreates traditional rice halwa with nutritious components. Instead of milk and white rice, use brown rice to make this nutritious rice pudding with coconut milk. To sweeten the rice pudding, the recipe suggests using maple syrup or agave. You should be aware that agave contains a lot of fructose. To sweeten this treat, use organic maple syrup or honey. Rice pudding can also be flavoured with cinnamon or nutmeg.

Sweet Coconut Balls

Even if you don’t like sweet potatoes, these sweets will convert you. This three-ingredient cut is made from Asian sweet potato, coconut, and sugar and is made by mixing mashed sweet potato and flaked coconut – it’s that simple! The coconut and sugar covering contrasts sharply with the creamy, silky sweet potato texture!

Steamed Halwa

Carrot Halwa is an Arabic dessert, but it has been adopted to our local cuisine and even got better with a variety of our creative recipes. To make it healthier, use less ghee and oil in the steam though than frying the carrots. You can lower fat content by using a milk powder foundation rather than rich, thick milk.

Apple Pie

This recipe is a healthier version of a traditional dessert. Pie crust can be made with rolled oats, ground almonds, brown sugar, and a little flour. The recipe calls for canola oil for the crust, but olive or coconut oil would be healthier alternatives. The filling can be made with apple, juice concentrate, tapioca, and cinnamon. This quick and easy recipe is far more nutritious than the retail pie fillings.

Apple Kheer

Your event would be incomplete without this delectable dessert, and apple kheer would be missing without ready-made condensed milk, but to make it healthy, boil fresh milk for a long time until it reaches a thick consistency. This will assist you in achieving the desired consistency without jeopardising the dish’s nutritional value.


Brownies are an underappreciated dessert. Many people enjoy them because of their distinct flavour and texture. The rich chocolate flavour plus creamy texture will have you unwrapping and devouring one brownie after the next. For those who prefer not to consume excessive amounts of sugar, brownies can be purchased online to commemorate a special event or as a present.

Multi-grain Ladoods

Laddu is a famous delicacy during Diwali celebrations. If you want to treat yourself without sacrificing your health, multi-grain laddus are the solution. Instead of refined flour, these laddus are made with healthy Ragi or Jowar. Many healthy alternatives, such as utilising maple syrup and honey, make Laddus even sweeter if you want to avoid the calories that come with processed sugar.

Classic Vanilla Cake

Everyone enjoys the traditional vanilla cake. This is certainly one of the tastiest dessert recipes available anywhere! Try blending in the flavour of your favourite fruits, such as fresh strawberries, to take your cake to the next level. Eat fresh and nutritious this Diwali!

Now that your creative juices are flowing! Spruce up the Diwali celebrations and surprise your near and dear ones with an assortment that includes the abovementioned sweets. There is also a variety of other treats that you can add to the assortment! Check out various other delicious treats and desserts from online bakeries. Happy Diwali!