Estella Warren: Bio, Age, Model, Life, Partner

A huge name in the world of modeling, Estella Warren is indeed a top name. She is a skilled actress, fashion model, and former synchronized swimmer. Her ability to transform from sports to modeling has indeed inspired several people across the globe. She does look very beautiful and she has all the styles to make her look even more stunning. There are not many national-level swimmers who have created a great aroma like her. Hence, she has millions of followers around the world. It shows how great she has made an impact. Hence, let us know more about beautiful Estella. 

Estella Warren Bio

Estella is a very good-looking lady who is a top model, actress, and former synchronized swimmer. She was born on 23 December 1978 in Peterborough, Canada. Estella, who represents English and Espinac roots, does follow the Christian religion. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn and her nationality is Canadian.

She does not seem to be a lady who does believe in astrological signs that much. She has been in relationships with Peter Berg, Jerry O’Connell, Kip Pardu, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Michael Burns. 

Estella Warren
Estella Warren

Estella Warren is an a-level swimmer who does work very hard in her role as an actress and fashion model. She was a team member of her national swimming team for Canada, where she did win national titles three times. However, she did leave her passion for synchronized swimming and went into modeling which has changed her life forever as she is now one of the most famous models and actresses coming from Canada. Being a 5 feet and 9 inches model, it does help her to have the advantage of height. This is indeed what tells a lot about the model and the class it can create for others to follow. This is what tells the ability of hard-working women.

Estella Warren’s Physical Stats: How Tall is Estella Warren? Height & Weight 

Estella warren is a good-looking lady who stands 5 ft 9 inches (1.75 m) tall. Well, it is indeed a very height for a model and actress. Being in the glamour industry, it is her duty to stay fit. Hence, she weighs around 62 kg. Blonde hair, grey eyes, and white skin indeed make her look just out of this world. Her body measurements are 36-26-36 inches. Estella’s feet size is 7 (US). A famous name around the world, She does not like to do any cosmetic surgeries. However, she must have done this due to her work reasons. When it comes to making tattoos, she does seem to be a happy soul but is not too obsessed.  

She does wake up at 7 am and goes for a jog every day. And then the famous Canadian model does spend around 1 and a half hours at the gym for being fit and setting the right examples for the kids to follow. She is one of the few models who does not want to do cosmetic surgeries.

Estella Warren’s Parents, Siblings, Relatives, Family

Estella warren was born and bred in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Don Warren is Estella’s lovely father, while Esther Warren is her beloved mother. Her mother was an elementary school headmistress. Estella’s father worked as a used-car dealer. She grew up with three sisters. She is the youngest of three beautiful sisters. Elaine and Julia are her beloved sisters. She does indeed have a classical relationship with her sisters. She did her basic education at Peterborough. While growing up, she did compete in several swimming events. It even made her a three-time national champion. She went to Silver thorn Collegiate Institute for getting her higher education. 

“ I do love my family and do see them the way that makes me happy. I have great siblings and all of them do share a bond that keeps me happy. I love the kids of all of my three sisters. They are like my kids too and this is what I like the most about my family,” said Estella.

Estella Warren’s Boyfriend, Affairs

Estella Warren
Estella Warren’s Boyfriend

Estella warren has created her history-loving many notable names over the years. She must have dated several unknown hunks. However, there are several known persons with whom she has had been. In 2002, She started her relationship with American director Peter Berg. It once looked as if they were happy with each other.

However, things did not turn out well in 2006. Hence, they parted ways in the same year. In 2002, she was with Jerry O’Connell for a little period. Two years before, She came into a relationship with Kip Pardue. In the 2000-01 season, she was also with Paul Thomas Anderson and Michael Burns. These are indeed some of the top names in Hollywood. She is an unmarried woman and has no child. However, it is not what makes her sad that there is no kid around her as she likes to live life in her own way and wants to be like this only.

Estella Warren’s Professional Career 

Estella wanted to make a huge name swimming initially. She even became a three-time national winner as a synchronized swimmer (Canada). It led her to think about a future in swimming. However, She has a love for acting and fashion. It has made her a top Canadian fashion model and actress. Over the years, she has indeed worked with several top fashion brands and has been on the cover pages of top magazines.

Estella Warren
Famous model Estella Warren

She has appeared on the cover pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. UGG Australia, Andrew Marc, Perry Ellis, Nine West, Cartier, Volvo, De Beers, and Cacharel are some of her fashion campaigns. She made her film debut in 2001 for Perfume, Two years later, she made her first television series appearance in That ’70s Show. 

Being an independent woman, Estella just likes to do modeling and acting, and other than that, she does not like to do many things as living a simple and calm life is the aim she takes in her life which has made her what she is now and hence, the fans do connect with her very much as she does like to remain grounded for keep on growing things and taking that next step forward for shining at the very best level.

Estella has worked in films like Driven (2001), Planet of the Apes (2001), Kangaroo Jack (2003), The Cooler (2003), Stranger Within (2013), and Just Within Reach (2017). She did start her career at a level people do see her as a major inspiration to follow around the world. Hence, it has helped Estella to reach a level many would even think about.

Despite not being on social media, she does keep on getting work which shows the value of quality around the world.

Estella’s Social Media 

Estella’s impact on social media is shiny. On Instagram, she has over 32.1k followers. Mostly, one can see her sharing her professional work and family life with her fans. Despite her leaving using Insta a long time ago, one can see her followers growing year after year. Hence, it does show how much some of her fans miss her.

Estella Warren’s Personal Life

Estella Warren is a GQ model who has worked a lot to make a career. However, despite being a model, she does not feel keen on being on Instagram. She does like to live a very simple life. Despite Instagram and other social media networks can make one earn a lot of money, she does not take like be on Instagram and other social media networks, it does tell a lot about Estella and the art she has for living a very simple life, which is not at all normal for models as showing the life they live is a very creative thing for them.

Hence, it does show a lot about Estella and the art of living she has. Estella does hold a mega-investment of 110 luxury bags. She has a collection of 110 footwear. And she even does not like to show it to the world on social media at all.

Estella Warren’s Education

Westmount Public School was the place from where she did do her schooling. It became the place where she did get a love for swimming which has helped her to represent her nation at the very highest level and win medals too. Her beloved subject while growing up was Science.

However, she always loved things other than academics to be a part of her life. Being a very good-looking girl, she was very famous during her school days. It does show how well she managed her studies and all. Estella never saw her future in academics as she had the aim to do well in swimming and then make a cut for modeling. This is what tells how great an education she had as kids should know at an early age what to do and when they should plan to move ahead.

This is what indeed tells a lot about Estella Warren’s Education. She did also go to Silverthorn Collegiate Institute.

7 Facts You Should Know about Estella Warren

  • Estella Warren did start working at the young age of 12.
  • Estella is the first actress and model from Canada who has won medals for Canada in swimming.
  • Estella does like to watch the latest Hollywood movies and series that she has mostly covered most of the series on OTT.
  • Estella does love luxury watches and does like to find new ways to buy them.
  • MAC is an all-time beloved cosmetic brand of Estella. She has done the Chanel No. 5 campaign, which is an iconic perfume with a great history behind it.
  • Estella does like to read books. She has managed to read over 200 books in her life, which does show how great of a reader she is.
  • Estella does like kids a lot but has not married yet and does not have any kids also. It does seem very hard to understand when she has a great love for children.

Estella Warren Latest Net Worth

Estella Warren does have a net worth of USD 7.3 million as of 2023. She does like to live a very simple life. Otherwise, many would agree that she can take her net worth to even 14 to 15 million US dollars in an easier manner.

This is indeed what tells a lot about Estella and the person she is. She doe like luxury bags and has a huge collection, with Gucci as her beloved brand. However, it is not something that is the end of the world for her as she sees life as the biggest luxury. This does show the level of grounded thinking she has for keeping on moving forward and making the right plan for shining at the very best level.

It does make Estella follow the golden rules of life, which is to set the right examples for others to follow in life and not think too much at all.

Estella Warren’s House & Lifestyle

Estella Warren does own a house in Canada. She does have a villa in Los Angeles, California, US. However, she does like to live a very simple life which is not at all normal for a model as material energies do impact them and their career at a very high level. However, to a large level, this is not at all the case with Estella, who does see life following go roots of being cool, calm, and collected. She has a variety of luxury fashion goods.

Estella owns a Mercedes S-class car and has a Ferrari too. However, she is not mad at all about these things. She does have some friends with whom one can see her spending the most time. She does also reads books and likes to keep her place aesthetically pleasing at the very best level. Hence, it does tell a lot about Estella and her lifestyle.   

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