Dead Cells APK: Ultimate Fight Gaming Experience

Despite apps being in the market like Play Store or App Store, APK still has its place. Like Spotify has made music free listening, still users download the app where they can download YouTube videos and enjoy the music. This gives the prime example that even the finest of outcomes can’t stop them. And one such app we are talking about is “Dead Cells APK”. So keep on reading the article.

Dead Cells APK: Intro

Dead Cells APK is a cracked version of a famous game that is available for USD 8.99. This is the reason people try to play the famous video game for free. And the APK files help a person to make it run without any charges. It has even a PlayStation or high gaming console version. Even the game’s Netflix version is talked about a lot. But the smartphone or tablet version is all famous. You have to spend money if you want to start playing the game.

And there are millions of downloads on the App Store and Play Store on the app. But the APK file helps in making sure that the payment of it would be saved. In most Asian nations, the game is very famous and from here people download most of the apps.

Dead Cells APK: Same as original game

One might feel that as Dead Cells APK is free, so there can be some changes then the answer is that there is not a big difference. Like the original app coming with an update means the APK version would follow that.

This APK version is cracked and this is what makes them stay away from paying sums that they wish not to. And why it happens because most of the high-profile games come for free and they make money from the game stores and ads. This is why some people do look to download the app for the same reason.

Dead Cells APK: Game Introduction

Dead Cells is a premium game that came first in 2018. It was made by roguelike-Metroidvania game developed and published by Motion Twin. The gameplay is very simple. This helps the Prisoner to fight his way out to the island’s King. He has to jump, kill and follow other ways to make things run well. It comes in gernes like Roguelike, Metroidvania, Indie game, Fighting game, Shooter Video Game and Adventure. This gives an idea of how this way a person can make things roll well into having different genres to play the games. But it is a Single-player video game, so you can’t team it out. They even have a Netflix version of the game. So the collabs of games do happen from time to time.

Dead Cells APK: Features

Here are the best features of Dead Cells APK.

  • Free

Dead Cells APK makes the game free and costs around 10 USD. So the only way to play the game free is in APK shape. How good or bad it is is a different outlook, but being free gives people hope to download the app and make it work for them without spending the money.

  • Cracked Features

Dead Cells game has an in-game store where you can purchase some powers with spending money. But the APK file makes them free too, so there is no need to add a credit card and spend money for good and bad reasons.

  • Good UI

Dead Cells APK does have a good user interface. It is the same as the original game because the app is the same. It is just that it is known as a creaked version. And the overall gaming experience is very good.

  • Regular Updates

The original game’s update comes on May 16, so the next day the APK file will have the same update. They send the notification and that way updates can happen so quickly. This keeps even APK version users to have best-in-class tools for pushing things ahead.  These updates stick people to use the version.

Pros of Dead Cells APK

Here are some of the key advantages…

  • This is the only version of the game to be played for free.
  • For those who can’t afford to pay USD 10, it is good for them to have the game.
  • If in your nation, the game is not then it can work for the person.
  • The UI is known to be a very good app.
  • The game keeps on adding new features.
  • It gives a good example neon green aesthetic.
  • They do not ask to add any bank details in the APK version.  
  • The game works as well as the original one.

Cons of Dead Cells APK

Here are some of the disadvantages of Dead Cells APK.  

  • It is an illegal way of playing a game.
  • This shatters the money makers have spent to present the game.
  • This brings the culture of corruption on the internet.
  • APK files can be tempted easily, so any mishappening can occur with your systems.
  • It can become a reason for stealing your data.
  • This impacts the overall earnings of the game.
  • This makes a person only go for APK and not pay USD 10.
  • This impacts the ability to make people produce better quality games.
  • They break so many laws of different nations.

App Download Process of Dead Cells APK

Follow the steps to get the right ideas…

  • Dead Cells APK: Type this on Google.
  • Many results would come from showing the APK file download link.
  • Click any one of the top links.
  • Now download the file and make it install into your system.
Dead Cells APK
A look of Dead Cells APK

This way the app can be used for free. But the overall approach can make even malware come into you and that is not good at all. It can take away the data and other things. So think in deep before making a move.

Final Words

Dead Cells APK is a way to play the game for free and not spend USD 10. So think many times before making a move. But it can kill the vibe of the overall game as by paying it helps them to run the show and think about coming up with new games that can work really well. This shows that going for the paying mode is better. But if the original game can make it free, then it is even better.


Q How much does Dead Cells cost?

One has to pay 99.9 USD to download the game from the Play Store or App Store.

Q How good is Dead Cells Netflix version?

Well, the reviews of Dead Cells is very good and the gamers have received it well.

Q How much does one need to pay on Dead Cells APK?

Dead Cells APK is 100 per cent free and this is what makes it creative at the best.


Dead Cells APK is a pirated version of the game, so we are not promoting it at all. This is the aim of us to educate people so they can know how to download and how it can impact overall.