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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth: Poker’s High-Flying Rebel

  • May 2, 2022
  • 4 min read
Dan Bilzerian Net Worth: Poker’s High-Flying Rebel

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After months of radio silence online, professional pro poker player Dan Bilzerian excited fans by posting again this March. A huge online star with over 26 million followers, Bilzerian has been known to post cheeky photos of women, money, and parties on social media. True to form, his recent post shows him relaxing on a yacht with a female companion. Aside from being popular online, though, Bilzerian is also famous for being extremely wealthy and rebellious. As a matter of fact, Bilzerian is considered among the most controversial poker personalities. Through the years, he’s made many enemies and many fans alike thanks to his polarizing attitude inside and outside of the poker room.

From the moment he made his pro poker debut at 29, Bilzerian has already been flashy about his money. In fact, through most of his poker matches, he has consistently played at the ultra high-roller level. To date, though, while he has made appearances at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), he has yet to win any bracelets or major titles.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth?

Although there is no exact report on Dan Bilzerian’s net worth, it is estimated to be around USD 200 million. This makes Bilzerian one of the richest poker players in the history of the game. That said, many do dispute how he came upon this wealth. Though Bilzerian himself says that he made his money mostly through poker, critics believe otherwise. Many even believe that he’s only holding this large amount of money for his father who is under investigation by the S.E.C. Regardless of where he got his money, though, there’s no doubting that Bilzerian is a very rich man.

Who Is Dan Bilzerian?

One of the most notorious professional poker players, Dan Bilzerian was born on December 7th, 1980 in the United States of America. Although Bilzerian is one of the most public poker stars in the industry, very little is actually known about his early life aside from his enrolment in the University of Florida. What is widely believed, though, is that he is the heir of a very wealthy Armenian-American businessman named Paul Bilzerian. Many even say that a large chunk of Bilzerian success is thanks to the advantage that his inheritance granted him.

Aside from poker, Bilzerian is also active on social media. Dubbed the “Playboy King of Instagram King”, Bilzerian often posts his lavish lifestyle online for his millions of fans. He also cleverly uses his online following to promote his various business endeavours. Admittedly, though, many of these efforts are considered controversial by many. Most notable of these was his recent memoir “The Setup. Released last year, this self-penned book was full of explosive stories and wild photos. Written with Dan’s signature bold and confident swagger, The Setup expectedly drew criticisms that ultimately saw it get delayed for allegedly offensive content. Behind the scandals and glamorous lifestyle, though, many of Bilzerian’s fans insist the star is actually a hardworking role model who grew his own fortune.

What’s Next?

Presently, Bilzerian lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, the poker player resides in one of his many mansions, which reportedly has a bowling alley, a wine cellar, a bar, and a movie theatre. Recently, he has not been as active in poker circles, though he still claims that he has future plans in this field. Of late, he’s been dealing with several legal issues wherein he’s either the defendant or the complainant. Moving forward, Bilzerian has announced that he and his company Ignite will be entering the tobacco industry. Considering that his company has reported some of its largest company losses last year, Bilzerian is confident that diving into tobacco will turn the tide. Thankfully, though, since Bilzerian has a comfortable net worth and global following, there’s no need to worry that he’ll be failing anytime soon.

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