Cristina Hurtado: Bio, Model, Jose Narvaez Wife


Cristina Hurtado is indeed a very popular name in Colombia and around the world. The South American model is indeed a class act. The way she acts is indeed an inspiration to all. It took Cristina a long time to reach the highest level. She started with nothing in her hands – and now things are totally different. It was because of the hard work she managed to reach this height. Otherwise, it does take a long time for others to reach the highest level. Cristina has indeed presented the way to others as inspiration itself. Hence, let us know more about Cristina and her classical career. 

Bio of Cristina Hurtado   

Cristina Hurtado is a well-known Colombian model and actress. She was born on 14 September 1983 in Copacabana, Colombia. It, first of all, shows that her zodiac sign is Virgo. Second of all, it clears that her nationality is Colombian. Cristina, who does represent Latin roots, does follow the Christain religion. She does also look very much connected with the very religion. Famous Colombian singer Jose Narvaez is her husband.  Her age is 39 years.

Physical Stats of Cristina Hurtado

Cristina Hurtado is indeed a stunning model who does stand 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Being a model, she does take extra care of her body. Hence, she weighs around 56 kg. Hazel eyes, blonde hair and white skin indeed take her looks to another level. Cristina’s body measurements are 36-36-36 inches. Her feet size is 8 (US). Despite being a modern model, she does not seem keen on making so many tattoos. However, she does fancy the art of cosmetic surgery.  

Cristina Hurtado: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education 

Cristina Hurtado was born and bred in Copacabana, Colombia. Despite being a famous model, she has not shared much information about her parents and siblings. However, she does have a great connection with her father and mother. While growing up, she did not get what she wanted always. However, her parents did their level best to give her the best life possible. While growing up, she was very good at academics. However, her love was always to make a name in the world of modelling. 

Cristina Hurtado: Professional Career

Cristina Hurtado is indeed a skilled model and actress. She started her career at a very young age. Due to her hard work and never say die attitude, Cristina did get the backing of several high profile people in Colombia. The possible reason allowed her to make a move to the United States of America, where she has also done a great job.

Cristina Hurtado
Famous model Cristina Hurtado

It shows us that things do look better with a great level of hard work. Cristina has appeared on the cover pages of several top magazines. She has even worked in several famous Spanish movies. It indeed shows us her ability to make many from different professions. For several young girls, she is a great inspiration to follow. 

Net worth

Cristina Hurtado’s net worth is estimated at around USD 4 million. Indeed, she is a very rich model who has gained a lot in her professional career. 

Social Media  

Cristina does have made a great impact on social media. The Colombian model has over 5.6 million followers on Instagram. She mostly likes to share her family life and professional work with her fans on social media. She is a popular name on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (her own channel).

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