Cowboy hat for men-A luxury piece that suits your style and status

Quite characteristic and present in country looks, the cowboy hat is a great accessory to add more elegance, protection and even transform the combinations of cowboys and cowgirls who know the size of the symbolism that the piece carries. We present everything about the Cowboy Hat: from the history of the accessory, to tips for using it in the best way.

Let us check it out. Learn all about one of the present accessories in the country universe

Hat History

Coming from the Latin word, the first hats appeared in 2000 BC and had low cups and wide brims, so that the Greeks protected their heads from the sun’s rays. However, in the post-renaissance period, accessories gained new styles, numerous types of formats and even came as objects indicating social status. Then, with the arrival of modernization, accessories became more popular and currently used by anyone who likes and feels comfortable with them.

Cowboy hat

Although the “Cowboy Hat” always refers to Americans, Texans, everything indicates that the Mongols created the accessory. Nevertheless, it only became popular after the arrival of the British in the United States. From then on, the rustic style gained space in the daily lives of rural people – until it became a typical accessory for any cowboy or cowgirl.

You can also incorporate them into other urban, fashion, or even casual styles. Mens cowboy hats at that time, these accessories were luxurious pieces. Then, over the years, the hats began to gain new formats, materials, and details. The same rules applied to cowgirl hat.

Straw cowboy hat

Undoubtedly, the straw cowboy hat is one of the most traditional models. Widely used on farms, the accessory has extremely resistant, durable, fresh and functional raw material. In addition, the color of the hats is very versatile and matches the most varied types of looks.

Leather cowboy hat

Above all, the leather cowboy hat is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. This model is widely used by cowboys and cowgirls who want to add a chic touch to their compositions. Because it is made from genuine leather, it is a great option to transform the looks of rodeos, ballads and country shows.

Canvas hats

In fact, canvas hats are fresh and very versatile, so they are great options for hot days. In addition, you will find a wide variety of colors and models of canvas cowboy hats. Therefore, you can choose exactly the one that suits you.

Felt hats

Felt hats are warmer and therefore are great options to face the cold days with all elegance and sophistication. In addition, the models are ideal for cowboys and cowgirls who want to add a touch of elegance to their compositions without sacrificing comfort. Due to the flexible material, they guarantee a great fit.

Pralana Hats

Above all, Pralana cowboy hats are characterized by their western feel. Synonymous with elegance and sophistication, this country hat model is one of the darlings of cowboys and cowgirls. After all, it transforms the most varied compositions with an elegant and, at the same time, jovial air. Visit the online store and check out the variety of Pralana hats.

How to wear a men’s country hat

Anyway, if you have a cowboy soul but still do not know how to express that passion through looks, starting with a hat can be a great choice. After all, the accessory goes well with jeans, boots, shorts, t-shirts, etc. In other words, it is an extremely versatile piece that matches most of the men’s wardrobe items. 

However, to avoid going wrong, it is worth betting on basic hats, with neutral tones and without too many details. Therefore, after you have secured your first wildcard hat, you can bet on others and vary the proposals.

Choose the right size

Measure the circumference of your head and make sure the model you want has the proper measurements. Shape your Hat by squeezing it subtly. Nevertheless, remember that the front and back of the brim must be straight. Before putting on the Hat, arrange the hair so that the model is close to your head.

What is the right side of wearing a hat?

A simple way to identify the right side of the Hat is to make sure the accessory is laced to the back. That is because, most hats have a small bow on the lining of the part that is around the head, and this bow should always be on the back. Nevertheless, if your Hat does not come with a bow, just note that the front is always the narrowest.

There are numerous traditional and renowned hat brands. If you intend to buy your Hat with safety, comfort, durability and guaranteed delivery, the best place is at American Hat Makers. Go to the website and check the Hats tab now. There, you can check out premium hats.

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