Comfort Down Under, Where it Matters Most

Fashion is something that first impressions are based on. What top is paired with what bottom, accessories, colours, sizes, and much more. There’s one property that is shared by all of these variables and it is that they are all worn on the outside. One thing that most people tend to forget is that there are garments inside too and are vital for day-to-day activities. In particular, innerwear for men doesn’t have much range to pick and choose from but men’s support underwear has changed everything. Hitting the perfect balance between style and comfort, this underwear does keep one’s manhood intact. They offer the same scope of variety that is present in women’s lingerie and come with a lot of features that make it just the right undie for any occasion.

What are men’s support underwear and what are their advantages?

Support underwear is a garment worn under outerwear that provides care for that region of the body, ensures its safety, and all while looking extremely fashionable. They differ from regular underwear as they are built to accommodate all body types under all situations and don’t include anything more than exactly what is needed. A combination of advanced technology paired with age-old tradition makes for some great innerwear, and is direct proof of the saying “It’s what’s on the inside matters”.

1. Quality fabrics

When it comes to men’s support underwear, no expense is spared on the raw materials to make it. It uses SUPPLEX®, a fabric that was originally designed for activewear, to ensure that it is breathable as well as soft. It also retains its shape after multiple washes and is resistant to allergies. The products also make use of LYCRA® which maximises comfort and has UV protection. The band is made from top-notch elastic so that it stretches well, but also compresses when not in use, giving the underwear a long life.

2. Progressive in comparison to regular underwear

When technology meets innerwear clothing, men’s support underwear is the result. Besides the high-tech fabrics, a lot of research and development has gone in to find the best possible pouch shapes. Underpants are just as, if not more important than what is worn on top of it. After a lot of trial and error, multiple surveys, and tough work in the lab, the perfect formula for undies was achieved. It made sure to include aspects that not only the researchers thought of, but included feedback from actual customers. Some of these points include no inside clothes tags that cause unnecessary chafing but rather printed on care info, soft woven waistbands to reduce stress on the skin and avoid stretch marks, and flat seam stitching so that loose threads don’t jut out. Another unique feature is the underwear being devoid of slings, rings, and flaps, making it simple yet elegant.

3. Wide range

When it came to men’s undergarments, the choice wasn’t much of a priority but with the all-new men’s support underwear, it’s a breeze. Instead of just V-Shapes or Briefs, they now include a much larger catalogue with products like Bikini Briefs, Thongs, Jockstraps, Slingshots, and even a separate swimwear range. These all have varying designs, patterns, and colour combinations but employ the same technology in them. This means that not only do the garments have a range in variety, but the customer has scope to use them for all purposes. Whether it’s at a jacuzzi party or a construction site, a high intensity work out or lazy day at the beach, each pair of underwear has got it covered. 

Author name- Grace