Co-Founder of Instacart Apoorva Mehta checks out

Apoorva Mehta, who is the cofounder of Instacart, has ended his professional association as a chief executivewith Instacart and becomes an executive chairman. Instacart is a famous American company that provides grocery delivery. As the company is planning to go public, Apoorva wants to see a change is his profile for leading things to a sensational level. Apoorva said that as he wanted to do something new, it was crucial for him to get out of this role and start something different that can make his profile bigger and better. This is what he sees as the next step in his career.

Instacart CEOApoorva Mehta has sorvino featured on Forbes many times. From the days of starting Instacart to become one of the best names in the business, Apoorva has indeed seen a great rise in his profile to become a great name.

Instacart confirmed this update of Apoorva Mehta stepping down and putting its faith in Fidji Simo, who is a former Facebook executive.

Simo did thank Mehta for helping Intsacart to become one of the biggest names in the US and wishes him all the very best to make an impact. He also feels special to start a new journey in his life and make an impact.

Instacart CEO Apoorva has said that he would his level best to give his all as an executive to help Instacart to keep on growing and making a sensational impact. It just shows how the brand has grown.

Mostly in every startup, as the brand starts to become bigger and better, founders always look to take a position at the board and become a key name in the market. As the company needs something special, Instacart CEO position needs to be changed for brining new ideas that can make a brand run in a different pace. It gives fresh vibes to the brand and make many things look creative.

Apoorva Mehta is a key brand behind Instacart. Even the company knows that it would have been very hard for the brand to shine without him and his vision. There were even updates that there was something going on between him and the board. Hence, it does end this thing to the bad. It is just the best part about it. Profile ofInstacart CEOApoorva had done a creative job for the brand, now they see something creative happening under the new leadership. The IPO-backed money will make Instacart a leading name to shine. This is indeed what makes this thing special. In June 2012, Mehta and his professional friends founded Instacart. As it was a great plan to deliver grocery, the brand became famous in the US. It did allow them to become one of the key startups in the market. As of 2022, they have around 3,000 employees working. It does show the impact they have made in 10 years. Apoorva Mehta, Max Mullen and Brandon Leonardo are the minds who did start this venture. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, US. It even inspired many other startups around the world to start something similar.