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Chinese hackers Get caught By Facebook As They Target Uyghurs abroad

  • November 15, 2022
  • 3 min read
Chinese hackers Get caught By Facebook As They Target Uyghurs abroad

Facebook has indeed done a great job with targeting a China-based hacking team that was using the tools of Facebook to make an impact towards Uyghur community, which as per many reports does not receive the very best treatment. Hence, it does create a lot questions that why the rest of Chinese group does attack at the minority, who has their base in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. This does indeed tell a lot about the pain Turkic ethnic group in China are facing. And when somebody famous raises the bar, he does get banned in China. As the power of money is huge, it does indeed make a huge impact. Facebook Chinabased Uyghurhatmakertechcrunch.

Famous football player Mesut Ozil is a great example. As his roots are from Turkey too, he did raise issue about Chinese officials not treating minorities very well. Instead of supporting them, his then side Arsenal did end the relationship with him within a year or so. The group was using the tool to target a minor section in China with creating wrong profiles on Facebook and misleading information. The group named “Earth Empusa,” “Evil Eye” or “Poison Carp” did target around 500 users on Facebook. It does include people leaving away from home in the United States of America, Turkey, Syria, Australia and Canada too. Hackers Caught Using Facebook For Targeted.

With the help of creating fake accounts, they were targeting at the common people with making an impact via becoming activists, journalists and other sympathetic figures. As they were misleading people, it did indeed create a lot of problems. This does show the impact they were doing with the mega platform of Facebook. They were targeting websites beyond Facebook. The security team of Facebook did start to look at these things in 2020. They did not share the details in pubic as it could have not helped them to make the job done at that time. However, the work did start then only. After downloading, the information came that they did use Android trojan malware, ActionSpy and PluginPhantom. While on iOS devices, they did use Insomnia. Despite they did not target a huge chunk of people, the situation became hard for Facebook when they did see a specific group getting targeted. Chinese Hackers Uyghurs Posing Un Human.

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Facebook Head of Security Policy Nathaniel Gleicher said that this problem is huge and should be taken care of very well.

Gleicher said: “You can imagine surveillance, you can imagine a range of secondary consequences.”
The target people is a part of Muslim ethnic minority in China. Even once LeBron James raised the issue – but he did take his words back after NBA getting a lot of heat from China, which is a huge base for them to earn money. This is what that makes an impact in the very best way and create an outlook that one should look at things very well and make a major impact. Chinabased Hackers Caught Facebook For Targeted.

Hence, it does open a lot of questions that the world should ask from China. Otherwise, it can only make things worse for the minority.

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