Cartoon Bee: Characters, Ideas, Plot, Creative, Touch

There is no argue about that how important bee are to our existence. that must be article will mention that how they are responsible for the pollination of the world main crops and also for the continued existence of some plant species. After knowing that how important these bees are there is no wonder why we met they will to the entertainment and cartoon industry.

They are various by cartoon in them. Several cartoon characters have made the place in the entertaining industry but only a handful who really made a great impression among all. These various cartoon characters are:

  • spike (Disney character)
  • hutch (hutch the bee)
  • Barry Benson (bee movie)
  • very famous Maya (Maya the bee)

I’ll explain and discuss furthermore in the article.

There are various reason that why these be cartoons have graced the entertainment industry is number one that they are very perfect character to advertise how good the honey is, and the second reason is that they are very pretty adorable little creature, and the third reason is that because of using a bee cartoon be used to educate kids of the importance of bees to our environment and also to our lives to make a very perfect sense.

Now I’m telling a bit about some of the bee characters in a brief manner.

Spike (Disney character): Cartoon Bee

Spike is mainly a Disney character which is specifically created for the short, animated film that is titled as ‘window cleaners’. In this short Animation film, the Donald duck is a nemesis of the spike. The Pluto also made an appearance here as well as the rivalry between Donald and spikes spur on the other short animation from Disney.

Spike is also called as buzz buzz or Barrington. in also an addition to the Donald duck a different short animation film bubble bee in year 1949 shoot a spike tormenting Pluto as well. Other appearance of this spike has been also animated in the short films and many more other appearance of spike have also been in other short animated films.

Hutch (hutch the bee): Cartoon Bee

Hutch is an anime series that Tatsunoko production was produced from the year 1970 to 1971, Cartoon Bee. There is total 91 episodes was shown and directed by the Ippei kuri. Jinzo Toriumi has wrote series with the Fuji television network as their home network.  

Hutch is the young bee who is the son of the queen bee. This series is mainly focused on the adventurous hutch face after he had got separated from his own mother when wasp destroy their hive. Hutch search for his mother has led him to numerous adventures as he braved the hostile world, he lives in. This is the reason that why this anime become famous is that the series showed the plenty of heart-breaking episode where the hutch had to watch his newly found friends die.

Maya (maya the bee)

Maya the bee is originally a book which is written by the Waldemar Bonsels with a complete title that is the adventure of maya the bee. This got published in the year 1912. It was adopted by the Japanese and aired as a series back in the year 1975 and was titled is maya the honeybee.

The full plot of the story is the adventure that maya and her friend flip the grasshopper, Billy the bee, Mrs Cassandra (the teacher) and many more other creatures’ experiences as they go about in their daily life. This story mainly shows that how Maya along with her young friend’s transition from the young playful, unruly bee she was into a more responsible, adult, and mature version of herself.