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Camila Sodi: Bio, Age, Height, Husband

  • September 19, 2021
  • 11 min read
Camila Sodi: Bio, Age, Height, Husband

Camila Sodi is a well-known Mexican singer, actress and model. She is more famous in the United States than in Mexico. It shows that she has done a great job in making her name in the best nation in terms of bringing the package of fame. She has what it takes to be the crème de la crème. Not many can do what she has done in her professional career. Hence, there are millions of followers of her around the world. It shows that she is a very colourful personality. She does know when to take the very step. Hence, let us know more about ultimate creation. 

Camila is a great example of a woman who does want to be independent and fight for their rights. Even now it is the case and hence, it faces like Camila does work a lot to make an impact and lead things ahead for these women and become someone they can get inspired of. Otherwise, life does show many ups and downs. Hence, let us know more about  Camila.

About Camila Sodi

She is indeed a skilled singer, actress and model. The Mexican legend was born on 14 May 1986 in Mexico City, Mexico. 14 May makes Taurus her zodiac sign. Her nationality is Mexican. She indeed feels proud to be a Mexican. Camila shares her birthday with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Cate Blanchett and others. It makes her birthday truly a special one. Camila, who represents Latin roots, does believe in the Christian religion. Mexican actor Diego Luna was the ex-husband of Camila. Her age is 36 years.

“I do call myself a person who does like to work hard for making an impact in my life and helping others too. It is all that I do so the NGO I have started can work very well and help my nation to become better as it does seem to be me the best way to move forward and it is what defines me a calm person who does take things in a normal way,” she said.

Camila Sodi: Hobbies, Favourite Things

A very colourful personality, Camila is indeed a very cool and collective person. She likes music, dancing, travelling and reading books. These are some of her regular hobbies. Pink and blue are her favourite colours. Camila is a huge football (soccer) fan too. She does like Mexican and Indian cuisines. She is a huge fan of Hollywood movies and series. She can speak Spanish and English languages fluently. The Maldives is her favourite holiday destination. However, she is also a huge fan of European cities. It is the main reason behind her too many European visits.          

Camila Sodi: Children

Camila Sodi is blessed to have two children named Fiona Luna and Jerónimo Luna. Jerónimo was born in 2008, while Fiona graced the world in 2012. Alejandro Luna, Fiona Alexander, Ernestina Sodi, and Fernando González are the grandparents of Camila and Yolanda Miranda Mange and Ernesto Sodi Pallares are their great-grandparents.

Both were very young when the parents of the children parents ways. It was a very hard time for both of them to manage as they wanted their father and mother to live as a happy pair and be with them together. But now they both know these things and understand the reason behind the separation of the pair.  

Camila Sodi’s Physical Stats 

Well, she is great! That’s what people say when they look at Camila’s. She is indeed a class act. The Mexican model stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She does take care of her body very well; hence, she mostly weighs around 56 kg. Dark brown eyes and hair indeed take her looks to another level. Camila’s body measures around 34-36-34 inches. Her feet size is 8 (US). Just like a most modern ladies, she does love the art of tattoo making and cosmetic surgeries. “Camila knows everything to make this world a better place in a way” – That’s what her fans say.

She does yoga and has done a bit of cosmetic surgery. But she has not done a lot as other singers, actresses and models do. This is what tells a lot about the name and fame she has and that confidence in her natural ability. It does tell all about her fitness.  

Camila’s Early Life 

Born and raised in Mexico City, Camila came to this world on 14 May 1986. Fernando Gonzalez is her father, while Ernestina Sodi is her mother. Camila does have better connections with her mother; hence, she has taken her surname. She grew up with four siblings named Naian Gonzalez Norvind, Marina Sodi, Tessa Ía (sisters) and Giovanni Sodi (brother). Indeed, all of them are famous. Together they make a perfect package of fame. Camila did get her basic studies from Mexico City. However, she put extracurricular activities ahead of academics. It paid her off in a way. 

“I did have a great childhood and all thanks to my family as they did help me a lot to make an impact and keep on growing things at a mega level. We had all the success at home and it has helped me to make an impact in the very best way. Hence, it does tell a lot about how well I have lived my initial days and I would again want to thank to God for helping me out,” added Camila.

Camila’s Love Life Diego Luna. 

She has been in several top relationships with several hunks. In 2008, Camila married Mexican actor Diego Luna. The couple fell in love sometime before 2008. It was indeed a very lavish ceremony. The pair did welcome two children named Fiona Luna and Jerónimo Luna. It looked as if they are set for life. However, things changed in a dramatic fashion in 2013. It led them to part ways. Kids did lose the love of both together. But they are happy with the life is going. Both of them take care of their children very well. It indeed does matter and shows their quality.  

“I and Diego did share some great moments as a pair. We did love to be the pair, welcome two kids into our lives and had the good time I can remember. However, things did change in 2012 and we had to part ways for the good. It did allow us to work well in our career and we still meet due to our kids,” she said.  

Camila Sodi Professional Career 

She is indeed a top singer, actress and model. If you do not know, she is the niece of the singer and actress Thalía and a member of the Sodi family. In Mexico, it is ample to grab attention. However, she has the skills first to captivate this world. On El búfalo de la noche, she made her film debut in 2007.

Camila Sodi
Mexican sensation Camila Sodi

Since then, she has worked in several movies and series. Her song lists are just out of this world. She has a voice of an angle and the class of a model. Hence, she has appeared on the cover pages of top magazines. For several young girls, she is a great example to follow. 

Camila Sedi has worked in around 16 films and around 10 roles in television shows or series. She made her professional acting debut in 2004 but her film debut came in 2007. As she came from a very rich family, it did not take her a lot to become famous. However, at the end of the day, it was she who did work very hard to become something and lead things forward. It is what tells all about Camila and the growth she has taken in the fields of modelling, acting and singing.

“I do feel great to have such a beautiful family where I had all the chances to do what I love. It does make me feel special and thank God for giving me this life where I have become something it keeps me going to work hard and follow things at the right plan which is the need of the hour for many people as motivation is all that we need in life for keep on growing and moving,” said   Camila Sedi.

Camila’s Social Media  

A huge impact on social media, Camila has over 2.6 million followers on Instagram and more than 2.5k followers on Twitter. Her Instagram is all about professional work and family life. These many followers do show that Camila has a base that others do not have. This is what tells a lot about her personality. From her social media account, one can know that she does like to do yoga, loves to be around beaches, spend time with family, show her work project, likes to have those perfect cocktails, presents her love for red lipstick, reading books, presenting the love for watermelon, promoting brands and doing a lot of many things.

These are the things that make her Instagram worth looking at. She does call herself “I am you / and also… Creator/ Producer/ Actriz.”

She has also shared the link to an NGO which she runs by the name Save the Children. It does help kids in Mexico to get basic education and other facilities.  

Camila Sodi Net Worth

Camila’s net worth is estimated at around USD 5 million as of 2023. It shows that she is a very rich lady. This also shows how well she is leading things in her life. Being rich, Camila does like to have a great collection of luxury bags, which includes mega brands like Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and many others. As of 2023, she does have a mega collection of 107 bags. She does have a mega collection of 59 footwear and all of them are luxury.

This tells a lot about the impact of money she has and how it does lead things to a mega level. Hence, one can see great things coming out with making an impact on Camila and the classic nature she has. These are the things that do make her ready to help others and keep on growing in a better manner.    

Camila’s Husband – Diego Luna

Diego Luna is indeed a famous Mexican actor. The handsome hunk was born on 29 December 1979 in Toluca, Mexico. In Mexico, his fame is indeed at another level. There are millions of people who love his skill of acting. Hence, he has been a top for ages now. Everything can move swiftly. That’s what Diego Luna has shown in his career. He made his film debut in 1994. He has worked on over 50 files which is a lot for an actor.

Hobbies and Trivia

  • Camila Sodi has some luxury hobbies like spending time at the gym, doing yoga at the beachside, spending time at beaches, reading books and watching football/soccer.
  • Camila is a huge fan of American actor Brad Pitt and sees him as the dream man of her life as a fan.
  • She does like watermelons a lot, which is her beloved fruit.
  • Camila does drink alcohol but she does not smoke.
  • Camila is a huge fan of FC Barcelona, who competes in La Liga (Spain).
  • Lionel Messi is her all-time beloved sports star. She does like world-famous boxer Canelo Alverez too.   
  • Camila does like Mexican, American and Italian cuisines.
  • She does like to spend time with her kids.
  • Diego Luna is the ex-husband of Camila. They do have two children as a pair.
  • Camila likes to plant trees also.
  • She has visited London, Paris and many other famous cities around the world – but Paris is her all-time favourite.


Q Who is Camila Sodi?

Camila Sodi is a famous Mexican singer, actress and model. She comes from a famous family of Ernestina Sodi and Fernando González.

Q Is Camila Sodi still married?

Camila Sodi is single as of 2023. She did have Mexican actor Diego Luna as her husband. However, they parted ways in 2013, just five years after getting married 2013.

Q Who are Camila Sodi’s children?

Fiona Luna and Jerónimo Luna are the children of Camila and Diego Luna.

Q When was Camila Sodi born?

Camila Sodi did come to this world on 29 December 1979 in Toluca, Mexico. She is 43 years old as of now.

Q Who is the mother of Camila Sodi?

Actress Ernestina Sodi is the mother of Camila. It was the main reason behind her fame. Famous Mauricio Camps is her stepfather.

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