Bling Bling Boy: Johnny Test Bio

Eugene Hamilton, the alias Bling-Bling Boy, appears as a reoccurring enemy in Johnny Test. He has a one-sided crush on Susan Test and Johnny Test’s and Dukey’s true/archenemy, Bling-Bling a villainous character on the Cartoon Network animated series Johnny Test, He is the main antagonist in the series, on one side he will act friendly towards Johnny, and some times feels jealous with him because he has feelings towards Susan but Susan doesn’t share his romantic feelings towards him, even she says to him that she doesn’t like him), he’s very persistent and refuses to give up, making all kinds of inventions and schemes to win her over, even going as far as to blackmail her.

Bling Bling Boy: Biography

Eugene Hamilton, often known as “Bling-Bling Boy,” is Johnny and Dukey’s (sometimes friendly) adversary (because of his gold jewelry and watches). He is a multi-millionaire with limitless resources.
He has a crush on Susan, who does not return his sentiments, and he frequently resorts to nefarious plans or blackmail to persuade her to be his girlfriend. When the time calls for it, he joins forces with Johnny and Dukey to combat the other baddies. Despite being the series’ major adversary, he appears to be friendly with Johnny and Dukey.

Bling Bling Boy
Class of Bling-Bling Boy

He, like his sisters, occasionally dupes Johnny into putting some of his inventions to the test. He is insecure because he is obese and has buck teeth, but in Phat Johnny, his weight and buck teeth enable He become a successful hip hop star. He has a mother who punishes him for “humiliating her” by hatching his terrible plans. Phat used to go to the Mega Institution of Technology, but. He dropped out after his dissertation ate Professor Slopsink’s hand. He later asked to return to the Institute in exchange for assisting in the prevention of a nuclear calamity, eventually revealing that he missed human connection.
In “Johnny X Strikes Back,” he possessed gold eyesight and flight. In “Johnny’s 100th Episode,” he sobbed after believing Johnny died but relieved when he was still alive. For more updates, visit:

Bling Bling Boy: TRIVIA

He stands about 4’9″ and weighs 180 pounds.
Most characters refer to Bling-Bling Boy as “Eugene Hamilton” instead of Bling-Bling Boy, which irritates him considerably. Know more About Bling-Bling Boy on Instagram


One of the reasons the show terminated. That it was 8 years old and people stopped watching it, therefore the show’s creators decided to end the television show. When Johnny would beat up bling and other foes, some younger parents worried the show was excessively abusive to others.

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