7 Helpful Tips For Tutors To Teach History Subject

History is one of the most interesting subjects. Through History, you get to know about past events, cultures, countries, technologies, and much more. Nowadays, some students find History a difficult subject. They may face problems in memorizing the dates, and names of people or places. And sometimes students are unable to understand the concepts of the subject.

If your students are also dealing with such problems, as a History tutor, you can help them in various ways. Use stories, make lessons effective, and use different teaching methods that match your student’s needs. Also, you can use historical maps and charts that help your learners to understand the topics in a better way.

Here, we will explain more tips for teaching History subject to the students. 

So, let’s check them out!!

Tips For  Effective Teaching History Subject

1. Excellent Knowledge OF History Subject 

As a tutor, you need to have the proper knowledge of the History subject. To gain knowledge, you can read different reference books as well as textbooks. This will help you to grasp the subject in a better way. 

In class, learners can ask you any questions regarding the History subject, so you need to prepare all the topics in detail.

2. Simplify The Things For Students 

Keep things simple for learners. Here are the tips;

A. Before starting a lesson on History, give your learners an overview of what they will be learning in the chapter. 

B. You can use maps or charts to introduce the topics to your students. 

C. During teaching the chapter, you can highlight the important points, events, and names of people or places. 

All of this will be helpful for your students while learning History through online as well as offline tutoring. 

3. Make Effective Lesson Plans

A lesson plan is one of the most vital parts of teaching. Here are some points that will help you to make the lesson plan for your students;

A. Know Your Objective:

The very first step is to know the objective of your lesson. Once you find the lesson goals, you can easily make the plan accordingly. 

B. Choose Proper Materials:

Use the appropriate materials while planning your lessons. You can even make presentations, use textbooks, do activities, and much more to make sessions effective and interesting. For example, if you are teaching the names of historical names in your lessons, you can use their pictures. It will help learners memorize things when studying specific chapters.

C. Create A Plan:

After selecting the material, you can make a plan and highlight the important steps that you want to teach your learners.

D. Evaluate Your Lesson: 

After making a lesson plan, you need to evaluate if there is any need for improvement. Do not be afraid to change them. The important thing is that your students can learn them easily.

4. Use Different Teaching Methods 

You can use different teaching methods to create interest in students in History tuition classes. Some of the methods are;

A. Lecture Method: 

As a home tutor, you can use the lecture method while teaching the students. In such teaching styles, you can give lectures on particular topics and allow your learners to make notes on them. 

B. Story Telling Method: 

This is one of the most important methods that you can use in your History classes. In this method, you can use some stories while tutoring learners. 

C. Discussion Method:

Another teaching technique is the discussion method. You can give a topic to the learners and tell them to give their personal opinion, and share ideas, and thoughts regarding them. This also enhances their critical thinking skills. 

These are the most useful teaching methods. You can use them according to your student’s educational needs. 

5. Use a Variety Of Resources 

One of the best ways to teach History subjects is to use different resources. It will help your learners to stay focused and engage in the tuition class. Try to use some graphics, images, textbooks, and many more.

Moreover, you can use different maps and charts while teaching the learners. This way, your students will learn the subject in a better way. Also, in History class, you can make presentations, and provide notes to the learners. All of this will help the students to achieve good scores in the exams.

Additionally, you can give your learners different topics and tell them to make assignments. This will enable them to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

6. Find The Right Curriculum 

One of the best tips for teaching History subjects is to find the best curriculum. There are several curricula available, so selecting the appropriate one can be a difficult task. Some provide you with books, lesson plans, and teaching strategies, while others provide videos, etc. You need to conduct research and find the best curriculum for your students. For this, you also need to discuss with your learners and know about the curricula that they like the most. Moreover, once you find the right one, you can check any teaching guides, and make lesson plans, according to the curriculum. 

7. Use Short Stories 

During teaching History, pay attention to the stories. History chapters can be complicated for some learners because of the dates, and the names of places, or people. It is essential for you to understand the chronology of Historical events. But most of the time, people only concentrate on the dates that they forget about many events that happened in the past. 

To assist your learners, you need to memorize the event’s dates and the names of the people by using different stories. It will help learners to remember important events from the past.


There are many tips that you can follow while teaching History subjects to your learners. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the subject that you want to teach. Also, you can use different teaching techniques for your students so that they can understand complex topics more easily. 

Moreover, for teaching History to students, you can use different resources such as textbooks, presentations, pdfs, etc. This will enable them to learn the subject in a better way. All in all, these are the best tips that you can use to make your History tuition classes more understandable and interesting.